Antebellum Book Excerpts

Antebellum- Book excerpts by Stephen Michael Schroeder

 This book reveals that this government of Washington is indeed the revived Roman Empire foretold in the book of Revelation.  This book will prove the claim of a Masonic / Roman conspiracy that blatantly and consistently violated Constitutional laws since its beginnings.  This government of Washington declared its independence to Gods laws and has rejected Gods authority, and currently is serving the dragon called that great serpent, the devil. 

Babylon was, and is not, yet is.  For Babylon, which existed long ago, lays in ruin, and is no longer, yet still exists, as you will soon discover. To understand this ancient prophecy concerning Babylon we must first understand the most famous stories of Babylon called the tower of Babel.

The Babylonian tower of Babel was a multi-storied structure, one layer built upon the other like a step-pyramid reaching into the heavens.  It is important to note that the tower of Babel was not just a story about one building, just as Babylon is not just one kingdom.

The tower of Babel represents a kingdom built upon the foundation of the previous kingdom, which were all built upon the same foundation of Babylon.  For example Babylon was built upon the forbidden knowledge of ‘sacred geometry’, and thus destroyed as the Creator had warned.  The kingdom of Egypt was also built upon this Babylonian foundation, like the 2nd layer of the tower of Babel. And so the other kingdoms in like order were built layer upon layer, story upon story, building the structure of man known as ‘Babylon’.


  Before you pledge your allegiance to the flag (or anything else for that matter) you should be aware of ‘that for which it stands’.  Sometimes, almost always, love can blind you to the truth.  Patriotism, a love for country, not only can blind you to the truth, but it can make you deaf and dumb (mute/silent) as well.

 We must keep this in mind if we are going to prevent falling.  For the serpent always has, always will enter into that which we love to convince us to obey the wrong voice.  Our love is what blinds us. 

 Let’s learn about the origin of this flag that we love so much.  A flag so respected that churches give it a place of great honor within the sanctuary.  For once you learn the truth about this flag, you will have another choice to make. 

    Churches have been challenged to prove their claim of wanting to obey God.  Churches will have to prove they are sincere in preparing themselves as a bride without spot or wrinkle.  They must comply with Gods final warning to become separate from this Babylon. 

    *The flags removal from the sanctuary will be the sign of the churches compliance to the will of God, then and only then will the 2nd Exodus begin.  The following are facts about the flag and what it really stands for.  Research the information for yourself.

     Let’s begin with House Document No. 92-376, entitled “Our Flag”, “THE STORY OF THE STARS AND STRIPES.”   The text reads, “The story of the origin of our National flag parallels the story of the origin of our country.”  “The star is a symbol of the heavens and the divine goal to which man has aspired from time immemorial; the stripe is symbolic of the rays of light emanating from the sun and moon.  Both themes have long been represented on the standards of nations from the banners of the astral worshippers of ancient Egypt and Babylon.”


 And there you have it in black and white.  A House Document claiming that the origin of the flag is the same story as the origin of our country, borrowed from astral worshippers of Babylon and ancient Egypt.  Well then, lets go to Babylon and Egypt and find out what their flags stood for, and do some comparing.

The Egyptians used hieroglyphs to illustrate words.  The hieroglyph shows the Egyptian flag called a ‘Neter’, also known as the ‘living ones’.  This hieroglyph of a flag was also known simply as ‘a god’.  The Egyptians considered this ‘flag’, this ‘neter’, a ‘living thing’, and a ‘god’.  Likewise, the United States Flag Code, adopted by Congress reads, “The flag represents a living country and is itself considered a living thing.”

 However, if this flag does represent the pagan god / goddess of the astral worshipping Babylonians and Egyptians, think of the abomination to have such a banner on the podiums in our sanctuaries, or outside the church where the flag is flown in the dominant position above the flag of Christianity.

 It is no wonder why the flag is given more protection, than an unborn fetus.  Politicians have declared the flag a sacred living thing and pass legislation to prevent its desecration while caring nothing about the unborn, a truly sacred living thing, from being utterly destroyed.

Now that you know the truth about the flag, and why it is sacred, a choice must be made.  Will you pledge allegiance to this sacred living thing that represents ancient Babylonia and Egyptian pagan deities?  This flag and the respect and honor given it is a direct violation of God’s 1st Commandment, “thou shalt have no other gods.”

 Render unto Caesar that which is Caesar’s, and render unto God that which is God’s.  Our allegiance and any pledge of allegiance belong to God alone.  Glory, honor, respect, and our affection belong to God, and not an inanimate object which man claims he has given life to.  The church must now make the decision.  Should this living image of a pagan deity have a place of honor in the house of God?  Heaven forbid.  It is time that we clean house.

 It is time that we wake up and realize just exactly what is going on.  School vouchers, the Faith Based Initiatives, and the pledge of allegiance all look good and acceptable, but you need to do what this chapter has tried to get people to do.  Judge these things with righteous judgment. 

 This final chapter is short for a reason, for this story is about the final chapter of man that is going to be cut short, for the time is at hand.  The church needs to realize what time it is and prepare them for the coming judgment.

 The final book of the Bible declares that those who are targeted for persecution by this final kingdom of man are the ‘saints’, those who keep the Commandments of God and have the testimony of Christ.

 The end will not come until all prophecy is fulfilled.  The reason why the church is not experiencing any tribulation or persecution is because they are sleeping with the beast rather than resisting it.  The church may have the testimony of Christ however they are not keeping the Commandments.

 For example, the first Commandment of God is that we are not allowed to acknowledge any other gods, yet Washington’s Faith Based Initiative forces the saints to pay for the advancement of these strange religions, and official acknowledgement of their many gods and goddesses as being equal to the living God of Israel.

The Second Commandment of God forbids the graven images yet Washington is built upon these ancient talismans and the cities are cluttered with the graven images of these pagan deities.  State officials including the President and First Lady see no harm in these idols; to the contrary they consider them ‘precious things.’

God commanded us to REMEMBER the Sabbath day.  It seems simple enough, just remember the Sabbath.  The Sabbath was made for man; man was not made for the Sabbath.  Our only obligation is to remember the day, yet how many churches do that?

Do you remember what day Christ remembered as the Sabbath?  Was it Sunday or Saturday?  It was Saturday yet the Protestant church has complied with Rome mandate to worship on Sunday in acknowledgement of their Sun god.

 The sins of this nation from its founding to its end could not be documented in this one book.  Sodomy, child sacrificing, State desecration of that which is sacred the list goes on and on, her sins have piled up high enough to reach the gates of heaven.

 Rather than receive persecution from this final kingdom of man the church is receiving money from Washington.  There are not many people who will speak out against that which is currently paying their rent.  It is time for Washington to stop playing the pimp.

This will be the sign of those who have prepared themselves for the final showdown.  Remove these Babylonian banners, these Egyptian gods called netters from the sanctuary for they have no place in a house of the true and living God…it is an abomination.

The final instructions for the ‘saints’ is to come out of her and be ye separate, for then and only then will the wicked one manifest himself knowing his time is short indeed.  Washington’s Great Seal of authority is enough evidence to confirm the truth that they do not have any authority over you.  Resist the wicked one and he will flee from you.

 Fear not for this battle has already been won.  Do all that you can do to stand, to resist.  Do not bow to their claim of authority, for they have none but that which was given them by the Dragon.

 Be of good cheer for He will be with you even to the ends of this world.  Prepare to witness things you thought impossible, prepare yourselves for the time is at hand.  Get ready for the 2nd Exodus from the bondage of this North Country.  O Death where is thy sting, O grave where is thy victory?  I will see you on the other side.  Stand.

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