A message to all Christians in the U.S. military…
“Come out of her”! Be ye separate from your service to Washington. I know your heart, your intentions, your desires, your loyalty, your sense of duty and honor, your willingness to lay down your life for others, your love of the law, of order and structure, and as such Washington does not deserve such special individuals to do his dirty deeds…such as assisting your enemy, providing weapons to those who desire to do harm to that which you love and are willing to lay your life down for…all against the Word of God…which now has become an offense to Washington, and has made the military a place where the gospel of Jesus Christ cannot be shared with fellow soldiers, cannot testify…CANNOT SAY-“That God beget a Son” because according to Islamic law…those WHO SAY that God beget a Son are worthy of death and should be executed…TO SAY that God beget a Son is a Capital offense, an ‘unforgivable sin’ against Islam, punishable by death. This is the foundation of the foretold ‘Antichrist’, and now the U.S. Military has bowed to Islam…not just unlawfully assisted Antichrist, but now has bowed to Islamic law, and outlawed your right to freely speak about the ‘good news’ of our Christ.

The Presidents god is the same god of the Islamic terrorist, and has disobeyed the Word of god and has given unlawful assistance and preference to those the Word warned us not to unite with, invite in, or assist in any way these Antichrists…not even bid them a good day! Therefore the Word had forewarned us to ‘be ye separate’ from such, and have nothing to do with them, therefore according to the Word of the God you serve, you are obligated to separate yourself from your service to this ‘partner’ of this false prophet of Islam…for the Nation that gives the power and authority to the false prophet is the ‘Beast’, and the Mystery is no longer concealed but available for all to see.

Yesterday was the National Day of Prayer, and many Christians used the opportunity to give praise and honor to Washington…ignoring the fact that George Washington has been officially and publicly declared to be the ‘God’ of this Nation (See Apotheosis of Washington located in National Temples ‘holy of holies’ AKA Rotunda)

It’s time to wake up and realize that when your governments military bows to the enemy, rebels against the God of the Bible, and persecutes Christians (removal of free speech, and religious expression) and says that soldiers can have immoral and unnatural sex with each other, but not share their faith…that is your sign for you to ‘Come out of her’ and declare unto yourself your separation from such in obedience to the Word of God regardless of consequences. Choose this day who will serve.

The time has come to take a stand. Stand up for what you believe. Silence is the voice of approval, and evil can only prevail if good men and women do nothing. Do something to voice your objections, say something to prove your worth. The enemy is among you, and seek to destroy you, to take your land and blessings and see you bow low before their pagan moon god Allah, and your government has declared their god to be our God, to be the god of this Nations military, who will not tolerate our speech glorifying a god other than Washington and his false prophet. Most military members actually count on the protection of the God of the Bible to get them thru such horrors, and now they are being muzzled by the one who claims their service is to protect their rights and freedoms, like speech and the expressions of their faith. You know what must be done…lay down your arms of Washington, and defend yourself and your faith,do not be deceived any longer, lose no more limbs, shed no more blood of innocents, no longer serve this Nations war goddess…your Nation that you love, loved, no longer exist. Be ye separate.



~ by WORDWarriorDeb on May 4, 2013.

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