America and Islamic WAR Criminals

Today we learn that Obama is opening up offices for talks with the Islamic terrorist group called the Taliban.  How does it feel America to know of all the lives sacrificed in Afghanistan…to establish this ‘Islamic Democracy’…wherein the ‘terrorized’ majority duly elect a terrorist organization as it’s legitimate government.  America must have lost the war in Afghanistan…since the end result… of all this bloodshed was to legitimize the Islamic terrorist organization called the Taliban…just as in all these Arab Nations Obama and the UN are overthrowing and replacing secular leaders with Islamic terrorist united in making Sharia law-‘global law’.  But just so you don’t think that Obama is the problem….Ronald Reagan was the first President to deceive the people into sponsoring terrorism by claiming that “the Taliban are the moral equivalent of the Founding Fathers”  America is getting involved in an Islamic Civil War…and making our terrorist enemies our allies…and all we get in return are lies. Stephen Michael Schroeder

~ by WORDWarriorDeb on June 19, 2013.

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