PSN By Michael Schroeder

So it seems that even Fox Business News has jumped on the State Media bandwagon of ‘character assassination’ of the true American hero, Edward Snowden…who todays guests called a ‘traitor’, looser, and a ‘jerk’ as if ‘civil disobedience’ is a crime rather than what it really is…a sacred duty, and an honor.
Edward Snowden is a greater hero than President Lincoln, who is credited with saving the Union, and who said, “LET THE PEOPLE KNOW THE FACTS AND THE COUNTRY MAY BE SAVED”…therefore the courageous civil disobedience of Edward Snowden to ‘LET THE PEOPLE KNOW THE FACTS THAT MAYBE THE COUNTRY COULD BE SAVED’ is not a crime, but a very noble deed that we should be appreciative of for letting us know that our National Security is indeed in danger…that he should know better than anybody that he himself should not have been given such high secret security clearance…and that our National Security is not being ran by our own Government, but rather by private contractors…just like the Mafia…just like having two separate governments…one of We the People…and one of ‘them’ (U.N. Islamic Socialist) kind of governments where they don’t need to tap your phones…they simply pay off the phone companies via the Stock Market to voluntarily hand over all your conversations…like the IRS giving out 70 million in ‘bonuses’ during an IRS investigation of this Agency that determines just how secure we are in our property and possession, not to mention freedom…in other words a very corrupt government who doesn’t have knowledge of what is going on…yet what’s going on is exactly how he wants it to go…and publicly announces that he’s appalled by what’s going on.
More troubling than all of that is the realization that our National Security is being run and controlled by Union contractors and private citizens are being given top secret security clearances, who don’t have to have any allegiance to our Constitution of the people, swear no oath to uphold or defend it…whose only oath is to remain silent about this secret secondary government…with an ‘Executive’ (Obama)…and ‘Legislative’ (a few corrupted Politicians, sworn to secrecy, never to inform their own constituents)  ‘Judicial’ (a few corrupted Federal Judges who never say no to any ‘warrant’ needed in order to spy on all of the American people…without probable cause)…and Obama thinks the American people are so stupid that he can say…well if I say it’s lawful, and the Legislative and Judicial all say it’s lawful, then it must be so.
NO.  It simply means that there is a complete, established ‘shadow government’ not bound to the laws and restraints of we the people…and there is ample evidence in every government agency of a shadow…a counterfeit agency…operated outside of the government without the restrictions our government has had determined by the laws of the people…and governments bloody hands are always appearing to be clean. Rather than call out the President to expose this ‘shadow’ unlawful government, and immediately abolish it and punish the real traitors who conspired to overthrow our Constitutional laws and infringe upon our God given Rights and Freedoms…the it is quite obvious, and history will bear witness that instead of calling Snowden names…maybe you should focus on the possibility of your own President and others in high places actually being the real ‘traitors’.
Isn’t it odd that those who believe that Snowden is a traitor for revealing the facts to us, and even as we watch those in control lie in our face…still want to focus on prosecuting and persecuting Edward Snowden, and caring nothing about the fact that our Country has been compromised and our laws already trampled, our rights and freedoms already infringed upon…and have been targeted and labeled as the enemy of this ‘shadow government’ who is pro-Islam and anti-Christ…the enemy of America.

~ by WORDWarriorDeb on June 23, 2013.

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