It’s time to understand this Islamic law that Obama considers Superior to Christianity…

Have you seen the YouTube video of the 11 year old Yemeni girl, who has taken to the internet to inform the World of what she calls ‘ignorance’?…the Islamic practice of forcing young girls to marry older men (for a price of course) and that she would rather commit suicide before being forced into a marriage…it’s gone viral…thank goodness…because this one little girl had the courage to inform the… world about the reality of living under Islamic law…the same Islamic law that President Obama is trying to replace the secular Arab Nations with.
It’s time to understand this Islamic law that Obama considers Superior to Christianity…see it for what it really is…and what a real ‘war on women’ really looks like as outlined by the Islamist Quran.
These ‘holy’ pedophiles…these Islamist that see nothing wrong with marrying children…of buying them, or selling them…because there is nothing forbidding it in their Islamic law, the Quran.  To the contrary, the Quran encourages Islamist to take for themselves these young brides…the claim that 8 year olds are the best to ensure the legitimacy of their virginity (because these Islamist believe their penis so sacred that it shouldn’t be defiled by a non-virgin, much like the Washington Monument and its location for penetration of the celestial Virgin Virgo).
The Islamist are encouraged by their Islamic law to be Pedophiles, as even the founder of Islam, Mohammed had a 9 year old wife…and thus Islamic law sees nothing wrong with sex with children!  Now you should consider the facts…if this ‘religion’ can promote this crime against children, what else does Islam promote?  Terrorism and violence? Yes.  Extortion and theft?  Yes.  Persecution and execution of those who say that God beget a Son?  Yes.
We need to realize that this Islamic law does not produce freedom, it kills it.  Islamic law doesn’t bring forth Justice…it steals it.  Islamic law does not bring forth Peace…it destroys it.  Islam is a global criminal organization, disguised as a religion to make it untouchable…and the governments under Islamic law operate like the Mafia, just like Washington politics have become Chicago politics, with the President as Godfather…untouchable…guilty of nothing…yet calling the shots…this dynamic duo of the Mob and the Mosque have united for the common goal of trying to make America into yet another Islamist domain.
These Islamist are trying to abolish all Constitutions of men, and replace it with the Quran as the only Constitution to be acknowledged as the True Religion, the True law, the True Justice, and the only law and only government the Islamist will ever submit to…all others will be attacked until subdued.
So since it is obvious that the United Nations in harmony with President Obama are trying to establish this ‘New Beginning’ in Libya, in Egypt, in Syria, and even here in America, to abolish our Constitutions and replace it with this Superior Islamist law…we should understand the laws that we are being put under…and understand that these Islamic laws are not righteous, but actually crimes against God and humanity…and just plain insanity…but nobody can tell anybody what Islamic law is, because if it insults Islamist…well that’s a crime…even though Islam’s foundation is an insult to Christianity…calling the God of the Bible a liar…that God did not beget a Son…and if anybody says such a thing, then they are worthy of death…so why is it that Islam can insult Christianity, but Christians are forbidden from even saying that God beget a Son…because it offends those who desire us dead?
In other news today, a Saudi Arabian citizen was arrested for his blog site posting information that was considered insulting Islam…his sentence…600 lashes, and 7 years in jail.  Think about that…for posting on the internet information that Islamist consider offensive, or makes their religion look bad…in other words posting the facts about the crime called Islamic law.
And before you think that could never happen in America…that it could never happen here…that citizens could never be told what they could or could not say…because of our very First Amendment protecting our right to free speech….consider the fact that the United Nations and Hillary Clinton, and even the President himself have been working together to try to implement laws that would forbid any speech that is insulting to Islam.
President Obama even went so far as to address the United Nations rebuking free speech that insults Islam and justifies their outrage…and even blamed the attack on Benghazi on such free speech of an Egyptian Christian…inciting hatred towards Egyptian Christians and increase persecution from the Muslim Brotherhood government…or to justify how this Islamist government had been persecuting Christian citizens.
And once you consider this agenda of these global Islamist and Socialist Supremist to remove our God given rights and freedoms…and how our Freedom of Speech is the greatest threat to these Supremist…that our speech, our words, that declare that God did beget a Son is the greatest crime…then we must understand the power that we have in our free speech to inform and educate the public and the truth of our Words because of our faith in Christ, who is the author of our words and the Truth.
And since Obama hasn’t been having the best of luck implementing this ‘Stealth Sharia’ into America, lost ground in Egypt, and so desperate that he is willing to drag the World into WWIII by trying to make Islamic terrorist the long arm of Islamic law, and providing weapons to terrorist organizations to try to make the secular government of Syria into yet another Islamist domain under Muslim Brotherhood rule…Obama needs to try to remove our Free speech by some other means than trying to shame Americans for their free speech causing such chaos and carnage, such death and destruction…all because of our Free speech…Obama is trying to go about it another way…to use another group to try to restrict our Free speech…to make it a crime to say something that is insulting to other groups…by using gays lesbians and transgender to bring forth a law that would make speech that insults or condemns homosexuality…and so today the news reported that just such an effort in underway to make our free speech a crime…while claiming that ‘this has nothing to do with religion’…Oh really?  It has everything to do with ‘religion’…it’s an effort to do what the hostile religion of Islam wants…and it’s an effort by those against Christianity who are trying to outlaw our faith, to condemn our God, and to outlaw repeating these words of God…to outlaw our speech, even if it is simply repeating the words of our sacred Bible….it’s not about equal rights for Gays…they have always had the freedom to do what they sexually desire…it’s about ‘acceptance’…and them thinking they have a right to force us to ‘accept’ that which is unacceptable for the simple fact that it is not ‘Natural’…never capable of producing life, but capable of producing death…and so the only way that the Gays can force us to accept their ‘way of life’…they must outlaw our scriptures…to ban our speech…to restrict any speech that informs or educates others of sin. SMSchroeder

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