The Final contest of man…between the Civilized World and Islamic World

Go ahead…keep your ‘aid’….is our response to the ‘debate’ in Washington by Politicians considering the removal of ‘aid’ that has been given to Egypt for decades, and even continued during the reign of terror during the Muslim Brotherhood years…but now that the good people of Egypt have stood up and are throwing off Islamic rule…and putting the Islamist back in their place…as a religion…not a government….and you think that America would be all about that…but we’re not…for some strange reason…to the contrary…both Republicans and Democrats are talking about punishing these good brave citizens of Egypt, whose only desire, only ambition to enjoy life as we do, with our rights and freedoms. But instead of repent for picking the wrong side in this contest between the Civilized World and the ‘hoped for’ Islamic World…Obama decides to slam the Egyptian Military protecting the People and their Constitution…now Graham is saying that they should come up with a New Constitution…like we would.  Obama claims that we cannot continue business as usual when civilians are being killed in the street (referring to the Egyptians Military response to Muslim Brotherhood protesters firing AK-47’s at them) but isn’t it interesting that Obama never said a peep about Mohammed Morsi crucifying Christians in the street in broad daylight…Christians being persecuted because they were snitched out by Obama’s illegal NSA…letting the Muslim Brotherhood know who the opposition was…and the Great Persecution of the Church in Egypt began…Christian homes looted, Christians businesses burned, and Christians tortured and murdered in the streets…all without a peep from Obama…but now, now he condemns the Egyptian Military proper response (according to our Constitution as well) now Obama wants to pull the plug on aid to Egypt…when they need it now more than ever, if they are to survive as a true Democracy a true secular civil society, with a wall of separation between the State and Religions…that which Americans tax dollars have been trying to promote in the Middle East since the beginning…and when you hear McCain and Graham and other Republicans claiming that Obama has done nothing, and should do something…shows either their ignorance of the historic facts that Obama has been behind it all…and when you hear these Republicans singing the same song as Obama…you should know for a fact…something just doesn’t add up…and it doesn’t…both Parties are standing on the side of the U.N. and it’s global Peace Plan of Islamic Socialism…that’s why Bush Jr. set it up so nice for Obama to finish…why Bush Sr. declared the New World Order as America’s secret agenda…and why Ronald Reagan gave power and authority to the Islamic Revolution declaring that the “Taliban were the moral equivalent to the Founding Fathers” and made the Islamic Threat what it is today…a threat so great that Obama is claiming that our Military cannot match the threat…or as Jay Z claims…a threat so great that the Police can’t stop it…that the ‘Haves’ must surrender to the ‘Have-nots’ in exchange for peace…in other words, the ‘Constitutionalist’ must surrender to the ‘Islamists’ in order to have peace…but here’s an idea…how about a Government that remains separate from the entanglements of religious strife?  It’s the First Amendment for a reason, for history shows that every time a government becomes a tool of an establishment of religion, favoritism first, then resentment, then conflict ensues, and thus our Constitution has prevented such internal conflicts…but now both Republican and Democrat want to try something different…to make the Quran the Constitution of all Arab Nations, and the World, including America so it seems…because both these political parties seem to have abandoned our original charter…and with damaging consequences…go ahead, and cut your ‘aid’ to those fighting for our cause…and when you expect the fuel you so desperately need…you will pay the price…that is if Egypt, Tunisia, Libya and those other Arab Nations you destabilized in attempt to establish Islamic domain don’t punish you for your betrayal of them, inciting violence against them, as well as We the People.
  • Stephen Schroeder I can do ALL THINGS thru my Christ that strengthens me…it is written…and we ALL have the obligation to ‘stand up’ and be counted…your’ right…at this point…there is nothing nobody can do to prevent the end, simply because they refuse to repent as that is also written…but since we know how it ends, should we not stand up and speak out, at least to try to save a few more lost souls that need to know that they must come out of her…some will watch a burning house, some will yell for help and sound the alarm, and others will run in where others fear to tread in attempt to rescue the lost soul needing rescued.
  • Deborah Krekic Ronald Reagan gave power and authority to the Islamic Revolution declaring that the “Taliban were the moral equivalent to the Founding Fathers” and made the Islamic Threat what it is today…physical first. reminds me of Rev 17:13 These have one mind, and shall give their power and strength unto the beast.



  1. Let’s simplify it for mankind…this global conflict will be between the Constitutions of men, and the Quran of the terrorist…plain and simple…pick a side…and stay there.
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  1. This excerpt taken from the book entitled ‘Sacred Threat-Holy Hell’ (the Quran V.S. the Constitutions of Man) The human race is spiraling down a black hole called World War 3…is there any way it can be prevented?  Yes, but it will take repentance…National repentance….Official repentance…repentance from those in high places who have taken our Paradise by force…repentance from the one responsible fo…r these crimes against the Constitution, the Christian, and our fellow man. The reason why the President is in his second term and the majority of Americans have no clue about what is going on, or what the Foreign Policy is of Obama, or why he is doing what he is doing with his Domestic policy…is because the American people are not being told the truth…and the media is asking “What should our role be?” instead of telling the people what our role has been…what role Obama has played since the beginning of the Arab World being destabilized…and transformed into a United States of Sharia…overthrowing the secular Arab civil governments, and abolishing their Constitutions in order to establish the Quran as the only Constitution of man…globally, the global peace plan of the United Nations…Islamic Socialism…peace through extortion…distribution of wealth of the ‘Haves’ to the ‘Have Not’s to end their uprisings and jihads…that is the role Obama played…with the United Nations…and the civilized world realizes that they have been betrayed just as the American people have been…that the President of the Free World has made the fatal mistake of siding with the wrong side…with the enemy of the civilized world who desires to be free, and not under the Islamist rule of suppression and depression, of terror and violence, and treating women like dogs, and killing Christians because they say that God beget a Son…these lying hypocrites come in the name of peace, then comes sudden destruction…the same thing that always gives quarter to Allah, where he can give birth to his three daughters…the three daughters of Allah, the three fates, the triple goddess…the Queen of Heaven that Washington took as his consort, and obeyed her words and instructions and built for her a proper House, and made the living State into the physical embodiment  of this goddess of war…this celestial whore, the keeper of the Tablets of Destiny…so Washington could Manifest Destiny according to ‘her’ will…not the will of the God of the Bible…just as the World gave Obama the Nobel Peace Prize before he began his task, his ‘New Beginning’ AKA New World Order. Republicans are blasting Obama saying that he isn’t doing anything…sitting on his hands…playing right into the propaganda that Obama hasn’t done nothing…which is a lie…and then adding insult to injury…demanding the Obama get involved…and side with the Islamist dictatorships and stop funding secular civil societies that are fighting for their God given rights and freedoms and in defense of their Constitutions. If only they would repent and turn from their evil ways, to stop inciting and condoning violence and terror, if only they would stop dividing and extorting…if only they would repent for picking the wrong side in this final contest of man…between the Civilized World and Islamic World…and our role should be that we declare and let history bear witness, that we stand on the side of those who respect our God given rights and freedoms, and of a free and civil society, and those against our Constitution, and our God are the enemy, and should be treated accordingly…but it seems that the opportunity to prevent such tragedy…that it’s just too late…that Obama must truly believe that he is Islam’s foretold Caliphate.

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