Open letter to Indiana Representative Luke Messer

Stephen Schroeder

An open letter to Indiana Representative Luke Messer…
Just so everybody knows…the good people of Indiana are not represented by this Rep. Luke Messer, who is voting to support Obama and the Muslim Brotherhoods U.S. Military to continue their Jihad against secular Arab governments tolerant of Christians and other religious minorities…to topple these secular States, and establish Islamic law, and force all to submit… these Obama has been supporting are those who are abolishing the Constitutions of men and replacing it with their obscene Quran.
How can you have a Democracy when the Islamist refuse to acknowledge any Constitution of man, but will only acknowledge and obey the Quran? How can you have peace when the Islamist Quran calls for the execution of those who say that ‘God beget a Son’? How can you side with those who desire to remove the basic rights and freedoms given to man, most if not all, which are outlawed by this Quran? How can you support the genocide of Christians throughout the Arab World…this genocide of Christians…by Islamist…just as the Jews were by the Nazi’s…?And yet you vote to assist those guilty of committing genocide…a genocide of those who say that ‘God beget a Son’…great persecution given to humans simply because they believe in a God of love and forgiveness…rather than Islam’s Allah of hatred and violence…and those who are committing this genocide of Christians in the Mideast..are getting their orders from the Quran…for this hatred, violent bigotry, persecution, extortion, and genocide against Christians is required by this Quran. How can you provide assistance to these enemies of our Constitution our Country, and our Christianity? Why do you think Obama wants you to vote on it…a vote that doesn’t matter to him…like the Constitution that doesn’t matter to him…he will do what he wants…dictators do that…it’s dictators that committee genocide…it’s dictators that when caught committing crimes, requests others to join him in his folly, sot that he is guilty of doing nothing evil…only doing the will of the people…to make good men accomplices of the evil being committed by Obama, and these antichristian Islamist…in the name of God…and in the false pretenses of doing good…when the fact is, they are committing crimes against humanity, and killing in the name of Allah, and committing genocide against the children of God, persecuting and killing Christians…doing the will of the American people. How can you do such a thing?
You can’t answer the questions can you? Because you can never justify giving support to the enemy. And the plain and simple fact is that Obama has been behind all these transformations of these Arab governments…under the guise of establishing Democracy, knowing that the Quran doesn’t allow Democracy…and the reality is their dream come true…an Islamic Theocracy….democratically elected.
Rep. Luke Messer, you reveal the problem of what happens when you have the Islamic Society of North America based here in Indiana…and what happens with such Muslim Brotherhood influence within our State…you don’t represent us…you are representing the Islamist and their interests…a hate crime against us… State Capitol banned the name of Christ, while allowing the name of Islam’s Allah to replace it… just like these Islamist goal of replacing our Constitution with their Quran. These unlawful preferences being given to Islam over Christianity will only lead to more conflicts, as it is the cause of conflict and chaos that makes proper government impossible, just like the Quran. Understand? We do.

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