Attention all Sheep STAY IN THE FOLD and Follow the GREAT Shepherd

Stephen Michael Schroeder

A conversation/debate worth repeating…
I hope and pray the Church will see in time.

Lost Sheep: Holly Schroeder – “Father, help our president. Have mercy on our country.”
Stephen Schroeder: – “Praying for the antichrist will not help.”
Holly Schroeder – “Stephen – Obama is only a type and shadow of the one to come. (Per God)”
Stephen Schroeder- That’s the problem with the Church Holly,they believe that the antichrist is an individual ONLY and not a government or system of government being founded on being against Christ such as Islam…Islam which was founded by the false prophet who this Masonic Beast, (Washington-who was and is not yet is) sitting in the holy of holies, in his temple showing himself that he is god. Right here in our midst, in the New Jerusalem as it’s been called…

Go ahead and wait for an individual before you obey the warning to ‘be separate and come out of her’…and not assist antichrist in any way…while you assist these ‘antichrists’ yes I said Antichrists…because that is what they are (according to God…per the Word.)
Go ahead and pray for antichrist, and assist them…and you will be disobeying the Word of God…AKA God.
If Obama is a shadow of the ‘one to come’ then you won’t see the present danger of Obama and Islam being both antichrists and if the government of antichrist has already been established(I mean if Obama is a shadow)then it doesn’t matter who is sitting on the throne at any particular time. The fact is that the throne itself belongs to the Antichrist.

Unfortunately for the Church Majority, they could not see, the one they were waiting on to someday come was actually the one they called their Father and pledged their allegiance to…
This is the age of great deception written about for our instruction and admonition remembering ‘that even the elect would possibly be deceived’ so it doesn’t shock me that the Church keeps refusing to accept the very real possibility that Antichrist is here and now, and has been since Christ walked the earth…
If the Church is waiting for an individual yet to come and establish a kingdom then naturally the Church is under the false hope that they have plenty of time and will be able to know for certain when the end is upon them….

Go ahead and pray for Obama, pray that Obama will be able to assist the antichrists continue to persecute your spiritual family if you think that is God wants from you…
You just may be one of those ‘elect’ that were able to be deceived….
Me on the other hand, I believe that God will not hold it against me for not praying for the success of the adversary who seeks to kill, steal, and destroy, and to make war in heaven, to make paradise a desolation.

Maybe the Church needs something more worthy of their prayers…
Maybe they need to start praying like the Syrian Christians have been praying….
Maybe then, maybe you’ll see the adversary for who he is not what some televangelical prophet convinces you of.
Obama doesn’t want ‘our’ God’s help,he has Allah(in Hebrew means lawlessness) the Antichrist founded by the False Prophet. Fact are facts and truth is truth (Per God).

Bottom line…
You can’t ask God to’ help’ those who are antichrist,those whose faith is the rejection of Christ and the persecution of Christians. Did Christ ever pray to the Father to ‘help’ Caesar? Would a real Christian ever pray that God help Hitler? Think about it…

The Word of God has clearly instructed us not to assist in anyway, not even bid ‘Godspeed’ to these antichrists, then why would God assist them by helping them? Asking God to help Obama is like Obama asking us to help Al Qaeda
We can’t help Al Qaeda and these Islamist terrorist, no more than God can help Obama continue to make war against the Saints….
This is spiritual warfare…
Truth is what matters…
I’m not saying anything about ‘girls’ however it’s your ‘feelings’ that make things fuzzy for you and the rest of the ‘elect’.


~ by WORDWarriorDeb on September 8, 2013.

One Response to “Attention all Sheep STAY IN THE FOLD and Follow the GREAT Shepherd”

  1. Comments REPOSTED from FB 9-8-2013
    Tamara Bennetts What about pray for you enemy? Where do we draw the line?

    Stephen Schroeder and in defense of ‘girls’ since I know a few who are just as much warriors as men…better…the confusion could be in the ‘title’ ‘God’….since Islam and most if not all Presidents have claimed that Allah is ‘God’….or at least the same God as the God of the Bible…but Allah is not God…he is the God of Antichrist…so maybe instead of saying ‘God’ I should be more specific and say ‘Yah’…but it seems many don’t understand that God has a name that he gave to us to use…Yah…as in Yahshua… Yah the root Word…Yah the name he gave us to distinct between the true and living God of Israel, and this god of Antichrist called allah…and if you haven’t heard of this name…next time you say Hallelujah….your saying praise be you ‘YAH’ people perish for a lack of knowledge…and in warfare every advantage our Yah has given us, we should use…if you want to pray for something…pray for the knowledge that will prevent the needless loss of life.

    Stephen Schroeder Tamara…I understand the confusion of what seems to be contradictive in the Word…when it tells us to love our enemies…as if a Father and Husband should love an intruder when he breaks into his home desiring to do his children harm….or that we should pray in advance for God to help the home invader. When we were told to ‘turn the other cheek’ to our enemy, and to love our enemies….instead of focusing on the word ‘enemy’ we should have focused on the word ‘our’….our enemies are petty when you think about it….there is a big difference between our enemy and the ‘enemy of God’…we cannot love God’s enemies…no more that God can love his enemies (have we forgot that man is not equal to God?) If God loved his enemies, then there would be no ‘end of the world’…no hell…and satan guilty of nothing…and God guilty of it all…and that just isn’t reality, not in the physical nor the spiritual realm…for there is a real enemy on earth as there was in heaven, the adversary of God…the enemy of God is Satan, and we can’t love Satan or waste time praying for him or his salvation, for he was a liar from the beginning, and the Father of lies. The reason why Christ told us to love our enemies, is that our enemies, those that we consider ‘enemies’ are a lot like us…that we are guilty of the same things…that we should show love to those who hate us, and forgiveness to the repentive…but to show love to the enemy of God…to ask God to help those who seek to overthrow the very throne in heaven, and rebel against God….if we make the mistake of loving and assisting the enemy of God…these Antichrist…we become accomplices and will be cast down with the rest of them…why we must obey the Word and be separate from such, and not assist in anyway these ‘antichrists’ this enemy of God. Hopefully the Church can understand the difference…it’s like the difference between loving the sinner, and hating the sin….our enemy is the sinner, like us…but the sin…that is the enemy of God…and why it is wrong to pray for the enemy of God, the adversary, that man of sin, that son of perdition that the Church is still waiting to appear, not seeing him already sitting in his throne.

    Stephen Schroeder Maybe you can understand if I say there is a difference between your ‘enemies’ list and the list of enemies of America…you could learn to love and forgive ‘your’ enemies….but to forgive the unrepentive enemies of America…or to love the enemies of America, makes you no different that the enemies of American…it makes you an accomplice…you become ‘like’ the enemy…assisting the enemy is treason…not Christianity….so why would you pray for God to help the wicked, as if God wants to be an accomplice as well?…and when you bring it back around to God…you do not want to be loving on the ‘enemies of God’ when God returns….he told you to separate and not assist in any way….and that would include praying for God’s assistance for antichrist…we need to remember…man is not equal to God….God does not have to love his enemies, no more than a man must love those who are the enemies of God or forbidden from fighting fiercely, defending those he is given charge over to protect.
    Thus the need for the Spirit of truth…because the Word can be manipulated to give the enemy the advantage…and the adversary has no greater advantage that having those he seeks to devour trying to assist him, or pray for his success, it’s easy to win a war when the other side is blowing you kisses and wishing you well, and helping you to prevail over them…doing evil, thinking that they are doing God a service…as a row of sheep thinking they are obligated to go find the wolf, open its mouth, and step in.

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