Congressman and Senators  please be advised… Are we going to start WWIII on ‘speculation’ or a false accusation, from Islamist claims that the secular civil government of Assad has used chemical weapons on them?  The reason why some Politicians like McCain, Graham, and Secretary of State Kerry firmly believe that they know without a doubt that chemical weapons were used, because they know chemical… weapons are missing from Benghazi and were taken with the sole purpose of being used in Syria, to blame the secular civil government of Assad with war crimes and justify Obama to once again invade a secular civil Arab Nation, assisting the Islamist whose goal is to transform the Arab World into an Islamic Superpower, a United States of Sharia, for the Islamist refuse to acknowledge any Constitution except the Quran, and the Islamist goal is to abolish the Constitutions of man and replace with Islamic law as the only Constitution of man…and the United Nations and President Obama are on the same page with this secret Foreign Policy of toppling Arab governments tolerant of non-Muslims, and replacing them with ‘Democratically elected’ Islamic dictators. Al Sharpton became famous for being a lawyer that was defending a black girl who made a false accusation against white police officers…knowing it was a lie, yet marched as if it was true, causing hatred and division…yet it was a lie.  Then Al Sharpton made a false accusation that a black teen named Trayvon was murdered in cold blood by a racist White man named Zimmerman, which also was a lie, yet even the President, the Attorney General, and even Colin Powell continue to claim that justice as not served, and continue to ‘investigate’ Zimmerman trying to find any evidence of racism…and we see what has resulted from yet another lie being perpetuated to give advantage to those who have no problem with a lie, if it benefits them…have no problem with racism, if it benefits them…and we see how the Islamist are making the same ‘false accusation’ against Syria…to punish them, to overthrow them and abolish their Constitution, and replace it with Islamic law…and we see those who know who used chemical weapons and where they came from…yet continue to spread the lie, to justify, making Syria yet another Islamic domain, another step towards their dream of the U.N.’s New World Order, and Obama’s New Beginning…to abolish the Constitutions of men and replace it with the repression of Islamic law. Islamic law encourages these ‘false treaties’ these ‘sacred lies’…deception used to expand the boundaries of Islamic domain…and the reason why those who are secretly trying to transform true Arab Democracies…where all citizens are considered to be equal, and have rights and freedoms, into Islamic domains where the rights and freedoms of man are eliminated, and those who insult Islam by saying that God beget a Son are worthy of death. Which brings us to the Judge who claimed that Christians are going to have to compromise their faith so as not to insult others (namely Islam)…means that Christians will not be allowed to say that ‘God beget a Son’ because that is the greatest of all insults to Islam…and I don’t know about everybody else…but I’m not too concerned about ‘insulting’ or ‘hurting the feelings’ of those who openly declare that we are worthy of death because we say that ‘God beget a Son’…get over it Islamist…we don’t care about your feelings or your global criminal organization disguised as a religion…we stand for our Constitution, and since your Quran is against us…we are against you…and we will obey the Word of our God and remain separate from you, and not assist you in any way…and we pity those who disobey the Word and assist these antichrist Islamist…for they will not prevail against those who stand for their God given rights and freedoms…and in defense of their faith and the Constitutions that document those rights of man. We encourage every Politician, every Congressman, every Senator to consider the facts…to comprehend the reality of Obama’s pro-Al Qaeda, pro-Muslim Brotherhood, pro-Islamist…Anti-American, Anti-Christian, Anti-Constitution Foreign Policy, and demand that President Obama present evidence of this claim that Assad used Chemical weapons, before provoking Russia and China and the World into WWIII…because if we are willing to go through the hell of a World War…it should be based on facts, and not on false accusations of those who have a lengthy track record of intentionally lying to the American people. And if Obama decides to go ahead and drag America into a war…siding with Al Qaeda and the Muslim Brotherhood, standing with the Islamist against the Constitutionalist in this clash of civilizations…and shedding the blood of Americans fighting for those who want to abolish Constitutions and the rights and freedoms of man, making all the previous sacrifices of all those Americans who died in defense of them. Do you jobs…you took an oath to protect and defend the Constitution…start doing that, and demand the truth, and ensure there are consequences for those attempting to violate our Constitution.  Breaking the law is not ‘making a mistake’ as they claim….it’s committing a crime, and there must be consequences, lest your law and authority will be of no avail, null and void…which is the end result these Islamist desire for the Western Civilization…to destroy it from within. Those Politicians claiming that they have the evidence, that they know who used chemical weapons in Syria, even before the United Nations begins its investigation, must present this evidence or stop spreading the lie that they are currently presenting…the only thing that they know for sure is that chemical weapons that were in Benghazi are now in Syria, thanks to the corrupt Islamist government of Turkey…and they know it…yet continue to act like Al Sharpton, presenting the Islamist terrorist as Trayvon…victims…when the truth is to the contrary…and the accusers are usually the guilty party…and if chemical weapons were used in Syria…those weapons came from Benghazi…and those who benefit most from a crime are usually involved…so seems to be this case, which would explain a lot of things. World War III would be tragic indeed, but the only way it would be even more tragic is if it could have been prevented…that we started WWIII over a lie…a lie to justify…these crimes against humanity, and Christianity by this madness that has taken over this White House, this Islamic insanity. And the only thing worst that started a World War because of lie, of blaming others for what they are guilty of, would be for Politicians to continue talking about the need for getting involved in Syria, as if they are ignorant of the facts of what has taken place in these other Arab Nations toppled by Obama’s Foreign Policy endorsed by the United Nations, controlled by the Islamist, just like this White House…that the Third World War was a result of nobody knowing what the truth was and happened because of ignorance…which seems inevitable since it is written, the people perish for a lack of knowledge…thus the reason I write…so that I’m not guilty of leaving you to make decisions in your ignorance of the truth…since those who cannot see are obviously under the spell of strong delusion. Stephen Michael Schroeder

The United States is become a consortium of CRIMINALS dressed up as Politicians.

Fulfilling Scriptures and evidence of evil being called GOOD.

The Common law of God has been counterfeited by the lawlessness of Allah. The god of many names and at the root of the evil befalling this once great land of the US. America.

Rev 18:2 And he cried mightily with a strong voice, saying, Babylon the great is fallen, is fallen, and is become the habitation of devils, and the hold of every foul spirit, and a cage of every unclean and hateful bird.

The PROFANED Ten Commandments Monument of INDIANA is NO MORE…

A Counterfeit god of lawlessness polluted it and all that remains is a scar in the grass…

http://youtu.be/J9YYq_5Xc3A (MIA missing in action from utube)

Indiana Native American original paradise and Spiritual Capitol.

Indiana Native American original paradise and Spiritual Capitol.


Congressional Tyranny by Incremental Legislation to steal the land of we the people...and start a new constellation NWO.

Congressional Tyranny by Incremental Legislation to steal the land of we the people…and start a new constellation NWO.


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