True Americans are at war with Islam

True Americans are at war with Islam, they know who their enemies are…those who desire to kill us and take our blessings…so does every American who has sacrificed to protect and defend these rights and freedoms that Islam desires to devour…we all have a President who is assisting our enemy, while targeting us as the enemy of America…

Stephen Schroeder

A Memorial Day Message from Michael.
This Memorial Day, remember all the countless sacrifices made to defend our rights and freedoms from all enemies’ foreign or domestic…enemies who would think or desire to remove these God given rights and freedoms from us.
After the Islamic terrorist downed the twin towers and attacked the Pentagon on 9/11, President George Bush declared that’ America is not at war with Islam’. President Barrack Obama has declared once again, after an Islamic terrorist attack at Benghazi, killing a U.S. Ambassador and three others on 9/11 that ‘America is not at war with Islam’ In other words…’Islam is not our enemy’ which is totally contrary to everything that Americans have been witnessing, namely these Islamic terrorist attacks.
Obama claims that America is not a war with Islam…that Islam is not the enemy, even though it is Islam’s Quran that instructs it’s followers to wage war with America (because Americans have the free speech that allows them to say that God beget a Son…the greatest sin according to Islamic law, punishable by death) So you see, it’s not about not saying anything critical about Islam that hurts the feelings of Muslims or causes their outrage…it’s the right of those who ‘say’ that God beget a Son, that is offensive to Muslims, therefore it is impossible for a Christian not to offend Islam, simply by the profession of their faith in Christ is more than ample to offend Islam…not because of free speech that may hurt the feelings of Muslims those who desire us dead and our faith eradicated, but it is our faith, the foundation of our faith that God so loved the world, that He gave his only begotten son…that is the most offensive thing to Islam, it is the greatest threat and biggest fear of Islam, our free speech…especially the freedom to say that God beget a Son.
Let us not forget that every drop of American blood shed to defend our right to free speech, and let’s remember why they died, to protect this sacred right ‘to say’, the freedom of speech, the real enemy of Islam and it’s Quran. American may not be at war with Islam, but that doesn’t change the fact that Islam is the enemy of America and every true American willing to sacrifice his life, or the life of his son to protect these rights and freedoms…it is Islam’s Quran that is the motivation that ‘forces’ Muslims to be violent and use terrorism to expand the boundaries of Islamic law (and that came directly from the mouth of a Muslims whose hands still bloody by his victim that he just stabbed and hacked to death and decapitated in accordance with the Quran. Let us remember that the enemy, our enemy, is any political group, any religious organization, any individual foreign or domestic whose desire is to remove, infringe upon, or restrict our God given rights and freedoms that so many died and sacrificed for…those are the enemies, regardless of gender or color, regardless of Nationality or if your neighbor, ANYONE who would attempt to take these rights and freedoms from us.
The problem is obvious…we refuse to properly identify the enemy…refuse to accept the facts that the enemy is waging a war against us that we refuse to consider an enemy, that we refuse to engage in war with…to the contrary President Obama believes and has claimed that we must work with Islamic terrorist…just as other liberals claim that Muslims are becoming radicalized because we are not doing enough to make them feel welcome in our lands, that we are expected to surrender, our lands and wealth in exchange for peace (also Islamic law) that we must tolerate governments special preferences and accommodations to this ‘antichrist’ criminal organizations disguised as a religion. This President is not at war with Islam…because Allah is the god of this President, Allah is the god of the head of the CIA and other key positions…they are not against Islam or the Quran but rather believe the Quran is sacred, even though it calls for the death of those who say that God beget a Son…those brave enough to use their God given free speech to spread the gospel of Christ (which Islam fears the most because it reveals Islam for what it really is…Antichrist).
The problem is the enemy of America is the friend of the President, and the President refuses to engage in a war with those who have declared war upon us…to the contrary Obama is providing weapons of war to criminal organizations fast and furiously and Islamic terrorist organizations who are overthrowing Arab leaders who are tolerant of their religious minorities like the Egyptian Christians, and replacing them with Sharia compliant dictators…while trying to infringe upon our right to keep and bear arms.
This Memorial Day consider the three scandals of this pro-Islamic, anti-Christian President…who claims to be a Christian…the IRS scandal, the AP scandal, and Benghazi…all three major violations of our Constitutional laws doing the unthinkable…of considering and targeting American Christians as the enemy, as the problem…America is not at war with Islam, then it’s with Islam making war with Americans, and the facts are revealing the truth that even a conspiracy theorist couldn’t dream up.
The common denominator with all three of these scandals is that they were direct attacks against our God given right of free speech…the same thing that Islam hates and seeks to remove…from the AP scandal where the free speech of our free press was being intimidated to suppress the free press, or retaliated against for speaking the truth…’for saying’. Then there is the IRS scandal where they targeted Christian Conservative groups who spoke out against same sex marriage, or were critical of Presidential policies…while no Islamic group was targeted…their not the enemy…Christian Conservatives are. And then there’s Benghazi, wherein the State Department and Obama decided to blame the Arab outrage due to Obama’s betrayal of the Muslim Brotherhood Platform at the DNC on Sept. 5th giving Jerusalem back to Israel, and the fraudulent vote to do so…blame it on Christians free speech…blame it on Christians who use the internet or YouTube to exercise their free speech, which might insult Islam, or hurt Muslim feelings and cause such unrest, chaos and carnage….yeah, blame it on the free speech of an Egyptian Christian living in America, and posting a video on YouTube that insulted Islam…change the talking points of the Arab protesters, redirect their anger towards Christians free speech, and thus why the CIA pushed the video before Benghazi, but right after the DNC debacle, and even paid protesters in Egypt to protest the video, and why the stand down orders were given not to fire on these contracted protesters by the CIA and the terrorist knew of this stand down order and took advantage of it in Benghazi…yet the President and Hillary and the ‘free press’ controlled by this administration continued to blame the tragedy on Americans free speech, to blame it on the Christians, and the blood of all those Christian minorities who are being crucified and persecuted because of Obama’s lie that incited violence upon these innocent is no different than that guy standing with the meat cleaver and butcher knife in his hand…and that is the real tragedy of Benghazi, the reality that the President of the United States is assisting the enemy of every true American, and that his lies about breaking Constitutional laws that he took an oath to uphold, protect, and defend, resulting in inciting violence against innocent religious minorities throughout the Arab World…not to mention his intention of attacking our free speech…that which so many Americans have sacrificed to defend and protect from all enemies (those who seek to remove this right and God given freedom) and that must include Obama, Hillary, Susan Rice, Holder, and ALL of those who have attempted to target us as the enemy while trying to abolish or restrict our God given rights to accommodate these immigrant Muslims…we don’t have to say something bad about Islam to offend Muslims…our faith in Christ alone makes us worthy of death…and for the President and others to assist them while attempting to take our free speech and other rights is ample enough evidence for any normal sane person to come to the conclusion that the President and his administration (those who have no problem with all of these violations of Federal and Constitutional laws, and care less about the persecution to Christians that result, nor care about Islam’s anti-Christian foundation)-those ‘enemies’…they are the enemy, and we must properly identify these enemies…and that isn’t difficult in this day and age…even though this was all foretold so long ago, yet we have failed to remember the past, the sacrifices that were made so we may enjoy these blessings of God that we call our rights and freedoms…and let no man make the mistake of thinking they will succeed in stealing my blessings, or that I would be foolish enough to surrender any of my blessings in exchange for peace or security from a government who has been exposed as having targeted me all along for persecution, as the enemy of the State. Obama is not at war with Islam…but he is wrong about America…true Americans are at war with Islam, they know who their enemies are…those who desire to kill us and take our blessings…so does every American who has sacrificed to protect and defend these rights and freedoms that Islam desires to devour…we all have a President who is assisting our enemy, while targeting us as the enemy of America…if you can perceive us as such…is it so wrong to perceive this President as he is…a traitor of the Constitution, a co-conspirator to infringe, restrict or remove our God given rights that have been protected for so long by so many men and women, so many Americans…..Will we let their sacrifices be in vain? Will we allow this government to target us as the enemy, will giving such preference and aid to those who seek to do us harm? Will we make the mistake of claiming that we are not at war against those who have already declared war against us, and continue to attack us, and are only successful not by the assistance of Allah…but Obama and those who love the lie, and hate the truth, hate the law, say it’s ‘irrelevant’…this Obama administration has targeted you for persecution, has declared war on you by the violation of Constitutional laws in order to violate your civil rights.
As long as there are those declaring war against us, because of our free speech and faith in Christ…we will be at war…for we will not assist those who seek to do us harm, nor tolerate those who think to take our blessings…for all those who have taken an oath to protect these rights and freedoms…do your duty…you have an enemy in your midst…realize that this President is not at war with Islam, but is at war with Christianity.
There must be consequences for these high crimes…period.
In the service of Yah,


~ by WORDWarriorDeb on May 25, 2013.

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