I am a witness against them for Dereliction of Duty and Negligence written by Michael standing for his people; WARNING THE INDIANAPOLIS HOUSE Law Makers and I am Witness to Michaels Petition and EVIDENCE NOW Filed with the Court ..They are without excuse for they know the Truth of the matter.

I am  witness to the WARNING and still standing with you Michael, having signed and sent the same letter to this outlaw govenment of Washington  revealed for who and what they are really all about, in the Indiana House of the Temple Law and  its unlawful establishment of and preference to pagan pantheism and Pan; God of all things aka the Goat God.

WARNING Letter Sent By Michael and I have signed and sent it as well.
The following is a letter I submitted to the Indiana
Legislators for review’
To all Indiana Legislators in the House Chambers
Since it is historic fact that in the House Chambers, any/all
references ‘specific to Christianity’ have been banned, then so to must all the
unlawful preferences and references specific to Paganism be banned from the
House Chambers in order to be in compliance with the State’s own Constitutional
law (Art.1, Sec. 4)
Just for the record, Paganism is indeed an establishment of
Religion officially recognized by this government of Washington and it’s
military. There is only one resolution for compliance with the law, and it’s not
inclusion-incorporating Christian specific references to the pagan depictions
for that only results in delighting the pagans at the desecration of combining
the pure with the profane, which also has resulted in punishment by God via acts
of Nature, so that is not an option, since that produces fatal results.
There is only one way to be in compliance with the laws…obey
This matter is of the utmost importance, not just because any
delay will be an act perceived by the witnesses of history as an outlaw
government who has betrayed the people, their laws, and more importantly the
God, in which this State and Government has claimed to trust in.
This violation of man’s Constitutional law, namely the pagan
mural in the House Chambers, not only violates the laws of men, but more
importantly is a ‘great sin’ against God, for the name of the mural is ‘THE
APOTHEOSIS OF INDIANA’ or in other words…the ‘Deification’ of Indiana, the
making of the State into a pagan goddess, and not just any goddess, but the same
goddess known as ‘Hathor’ – Egypt’s ‘golden calf’ has been declared to be the
State’s ‘sacred cow’ History does indeed repeat itself.
To be brief and concise, this matter must be resolved
immediately for the safety and well being of all citizens of this State, for it
is a violation of their laws, and a great sin against the Living God of the
House of Israel – ‘Yah’
The obvious reason why nobody has protested this criminal
activity against God and man for almost 50 years is no doubt due to the
effective deception used by the State to conceal their ‘true religion’ and their
trust in the gods of Egypt, by ‘changing the names’ of things, removing, hiding,
modifying the truth, so that nobody would see, nobody would complain, nobody
would know. The people have a right to know what’s been going on in their own
Since it is you, the Legislators who have been thrown under
the bus with the claim that you are the ones responsible for the House Chambers,
then you must act immediately to right this wrong, to comply with the law, and
cease in these attempts to provoke the wrath of God upon this city. Feel free to
contact me if you would like more detailed information regarding this ‘Capitol
Offense’ at protestants@yahoo.com.
(See this fully explained with the evidence and the true history previously posted  December 11, 2010.

I am also witness to the petition you filed on Sept 21, 2011 for the criminal act ongoing at the State House Chambers regarding the illegal  Mural of the Apotheosis of Indiana aka The Spirit of Indiana to compel the Speaker of the HOUSE to do his duty and order it’s removal to be in compliance with their own laws. A HOUSE divided will not stand.

What is Truth? Truth is Freedom. Beeing made free having entered the ONE Way Road through the door of Truth LEGALLY is the True Way to Life Immortal.  Not by way of liars of Washington who are really just thieves, robbers and murderers who take kingdoms by force with their true religion of religious bondage and JIHAD upon the natives with the help of the, not so FREE Masonic orders who have built this kingdom for the god of Earth in a revived Roman Empire as our slave masters. Even the last History channel special on the secrets of Washington DC featured a Mason stating the goal: The Universe including Earth all in all, being ruled from the White House! Admitting what has been stated in the OUR Flag Booklet, a Congressional publication for a long time regarding the ESTABLISHMENT OF A NEW CONSTELLATION and the reason for the “change” over time of our pledge of allegiance which used to bee, ” I pledge allegiance to my God.” Now it is allegiance to the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA because of little god George Washington who has declared himself God.


One Response to “I am a witness against them for Dereliction of Duty and Negligence written by Michael standing for his people; WARNING THE INDIANAPOLIS HOUSE Law Makers and I am Witness to Michaels Petition and EVIDENCE NOW Filed with the Court ..They are without excuse for they know the Truth of the matter.”

  1. Excerpt:
    And now you know why the offspring of Pharaoh, the followers of Hathor, the Companions of Horus actually believed that they could win a war in heaven, against the King of Kings and His Hosts. It was through deception that a third of the angels fell from grace, just as the first creation had fallen from grace and ejected from Paradise, for listening to and obeying an ancient voice that continues to speak to man, from the Houses built for him by his servants mankind. Ant the truth shall set you free, and that’s what I’m doing by revealing their dark secrets that hold power over otherwise ‘good’ people.
    And that is the reason why the rebellion in heaven did not prevail, for all these plans, all these procedures, all this time to make ready this war, all the contingency plans, the escape routes, the hidden doors, the secret stairways would not prevail for the simple reason often overlooked…the fact that the Physical comes first, then after which the Spiritual…therefore what is bound or loosed on earth is bound or loosed in heaven, and all these special tactics of
    the adversary will be of no avail when attempts are made to use them in the Spiritual realm…or in Heaven.
    Or to simplify…Pharaoh has been planning and making ready his attack on Heaven for millennium, and it seems all his pieces are in place and at the ready, and are now advancing their fortresses into the heavens, but what they didn’t count on was that Michael was in the Physical realm (blame Washington) binding with a great chain these weapons and tactics of the adversary to make them of no effect in the heavens, closing their secret portals they drilled into the fabrics of space and time.
    Consider it time travel if you will, for the Spiritual realm always was and is not bound by the laws of the nature of this sphere called earth, however that which is was and will be, just as it is written that He is the one who was, is, and is to come, just as Washington to the contrary, was, and is not, yet is.
    Pan, the God Of All Things…the GOAT, the ‘light-bearer’ of the Sun Capricorn, the Universal Symbol of Paganism, the ‘God of Nature’, the combination of ‘ALL’ things, male and female, good and evil, heaven and earth…all things.
    Picture the Capitol and the Obelisk in Washington, then picture the Capitol and the Obelisk in Indianapolis, then consider the Capitol and the Obelisk in Rome…this combination reveals the actual god of earth on which their empires are built, in honor of their sun god.

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