The BIRTH OF Islam- religion of the false prophet, that until 1979 seemed to have received a fatal wound to its head…

Blowing the Trumpet Stephen Michael Schroeder:

Understand the Freemasonic connection with its Islamic origins and realize that this false prophet,

Mohammad is antichrist and  bringing the world into global war.

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1979 was a ‘birth’ of a different kind…
Violence and terror to force all mankind to bow to the message of the Islamic prophet Mohammed, that god did not beget a Son.
The birth of the Islamic Revolution…A Revolution to bring Islam out of its box as a religion, and become a legitimate form of government, a god named Allah, governing mankind an Islamic Theocracy with Islam’s Quran as the only Constitution of man.

This Islamic Revolution began in Iran in 1979, a religion of terror and violence, to extort submission to Islamic law…This religion founded by a ‘false prophet’ whose message was that ‘God did not beget a Son’, a religion that began 666 years after the time of Christ, a religion that justifies violence and terror, as terror and violence is how this prophet Mohammed received his revelation of Islam, when an angry Jinn attacked Mohammed in a cave, choking him violently until Mohammed agreed to ‘recite’ the message, “that God did not beget a Son”and thus why terror and violence is used today by these Islamist, to force all mankind to bow to the message of their prophet Mohammed, that God did not beget a Son.

According to the Bible this prophet is not only a ‘false prophet’, but also ‘antichrist’- that which identifies the ‘false prophet,’ and the facts are obvious that Islam is in fact ‘antichristian’. The message of this false prophet, delivered by the sword, was that ‘God did not beget a Son’…Whoever says such a thing is worthy of death and for saying such is the greatest insult to Islam…The Quran calls for the execution of those who say such a monstrous thing that God begat thus the reason why Islam’s creed declares that ‘there is no god but Allah, he begets not, nor was begotten…This is the foundation of Islam established by this false prophet the creed of Islam and what must be recited, by every individual who becomes a Muslim or Islamist.

Islam was this religion of the false prophet that until 1979 seemed to have received a fatal wound to its head but not. Has been resurrected by a man, whose named equaled a number of 666 a man who would give power and authority to the Islamic Revolution (maybe because this man, this President truly believed that there was no other option, no other choice, but had to assist the Islamic Revolution to use Islam to defeat the great evil empire of Russia or maybe for National Security, to ensure oil would continue to flow from these Islamic controlled Nations…Whatever the reason, whatever the excuse, the fact remains that it was President Ronald Wilson Reagan, the man who gave power and authority to this Iranian Islamic Revolution who secretly and unlawfully provided weapons to the Islamic terrorist, to make the Islamic Revolution powerful enough to defeat the competing superpower, to drain it’s economy, and drag it into a 10 year war, to weaken the Russians into poverty, and to make the Taliban what it is today a terrorist organization. This week they attacked yet another Church killing 75 Christians…and making it a point to begin attacking all ‘non-Muslims’ everywhere which explains the Al Qaeda attack on a shopping mall in Kenya a day earlier, where ‘non-Muslims’ were targeted and about the same amount of innocent civilians killed by the Islamist Al Qaeda. The same ones that Obama has been providing training and assistance to. The same Al Qaeda that Bill Clinton just claimed that we have in fact been providing weapons to and that we had no other choice and still have no other choice but to continue to provide weapons and training to this Islamic terrorist organization called Al Qaeda the very same ones who attacked us on 9/11 and 11 years later in Benghazi…

The reason for keeping it all a secret is that those very same murderers of our people, are now in Syria helping Obama train these Islamist rebels to continue this Islamic Revolution until the Quran is proven true, by all Nations bowing to their Islamic law…

The terrorism is growing and it’s not just the Christians they are targeting now…All  citizens are in danger of this enemy of our Country, our Constitution, and our Christianity and the tragic news is that those in positions to protect you, who are violating you rights and freedoms, targeting you and spying on you while claiming that they are doing it all for your own good, they are the ones who have been assisting this enemy of civilization…It’s not just Obama but every President since Reagan all are on the same page  behind this U.N. ‘New World Order’ of establishing global Islamic Socialism…They are replacing all the Constitutions of man with the United Nations preferred religious establishments, the Quran.

Somebody should make the United Nations adopt a Constitution itself  prohibited from giving preference to one religious establishment over another like our Constitution does and force the U.N. to adopt Constitutional laws that protect the free speech of humans instead of their current path of trying to outlaw speech that insults Islam, in other words ban Christianity because the creed of our faith is the greatest insult to Islamist…Why should we care about hurting the feelings of those determined to kill, steal, and destroy?

We should be trying to insult them, we should be exercising our faith for it is our faith that gives us the authority over this adversary…

We should offend those who are an offense unto God and man if the truth offends them and  we must speak the truth and properly identify this enemy, this antichrist false prophet that Washington has been assisting since the beginning…Once you understand the Freemasonic connection with its Islamic origins then you’ll realize that this false prophet, this antichrist that is bringing the world into global war did so only by the assistance of a Beast…Anti-Christians pretending to be ‘Christians’ from Reagan to Obama all deceived- believing that Allah is the same God as the God of the Bible, the true and living God…

The deception and wishful thinking is  that American Presidents were and are in deed Christian and they would serve and protect this Country, it’s Constitution, and it’s Christian populations, but to the contrary, it’s the deeds of these Presidents who have made Islam the threat it is today to the rest of the civilized world…They still proclaim that we are exceptional and hold the moral high ground and it’s others like Putin who can’t be trusted to tell the truth….

It seems that our Politicians cannot tell the truth, even if they wanted to as if they have no other choice but to lie. The reality is they ‘love’ the lie, for they are the lawless ones and the reason why they give assistance to our enemies….To them ‘we’ are enemies, because of what we believe and because of what we say, we are the Saints that the antichrist can’t help but persecute and make war against…Just as it was written.

We have only one thing to do…Obey the Word, and be ye separate…Come out of her and get out of the target area….Do not assist in any way those enemies of our God, these antichristian Islamist and those who give antichrist assistance …Do not assist these antichrists in any way whatsoever or you will suffer their same fate…They lose and WE win…It is written.


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