Obama is the Founding Father of the New Beginning…AKA the United Nations, New World Order…the ‘New America’

Stephen Schroeder

Stephen Schroeder
MSNBC ‘All In’ Chris Hayes is claiming that Rep. Louie Gohmert is spreading a ‘Conspiracy Theory’ that Obama has been secretly assisting the Muslim Brotherhood. The only thing wrong with that statement is that Obama was ‘secretly’ assisting the Islamist Brotherhood and other Islamic terrorist who are enemies of America and responsible for killing our troops.
I find it hard to believe that MSNBC would call historic facts a ‘Conspiracy Theory’…why not just use the Presidents claim of it all being just ‘phony scandals’? Chris Hayes claims that he doesn’t know where or how this Conspiracy Theory began, but admits that millions of secular civil Egyptians believe that Egypt is in the mess that it’s in because of Obama’s ‘New Beginning’…a UN sponsored attempt to transform the Arab World into a United States of Sharia, an Islamic Superpower equal to Russia or China…united under the banner of the Muslim Brotherhood…under the only Constitution that these Islamist ever acknowledge…the Quran.
Yet MSNBC thinks that all these millions of Egyptians, who refused to allow their Constitution of the People to be abolished by these Islamist who refused to acknowledge any Constitution of man, and only the Islamic Quran…and thus the Muslim Brotherhood dictatorship in Egypt was overthrown…just as we would do here in America, as explained in the Constitution of the United States…that if there ever came a time when our Constitution was being dismantled in order to establish any other form of Government is an enemy, and whether foreign or domestic, We the People have the duty to ‘throw off that Government….and yet all these civil and secular Egyptians whose only desire is to have these God given rights and freedoms of those who live in true Democratic societies enjoy…they are all just paranoid, and are wrong in their claims that Obama has been assisting the enemy of America, the Muslim Brotherhood….and it’s such a conspiracy theory…yet a well-known fact that Muslim Brotherhood members are already established within our own Government (just ask Hillary)…combine that with the recent revelation that Homeland Security Department Head responsible for buying ammo for Federal Agencies…has been buying boat loads of ‘illegal ammo’ (hollow points) and using the NSA monitored internet for encouraging a race war in America and the mass murdering of Whites. He is currently on Administrative leave…but there must be an audit immediately and determine where this unlawful ammo currently is, and why it was purchased, and why so much of it was purchased that it made it impossible for the citizens to obtain the necessary ammo to keep in the arms they have a right to bear.
The time has come for Americans to be told the truth about Obama’s Foreign Policy, and why Obama went into Libya, and Egypt, and why CIA paid protesters to disrupt and destabilize these secular Arab governments, to establish Islamic rule, that has persecuted non-Islamist Egyptians with Great Persecution, and killing Christians in the streets in broad daylight…and the Egyptian people have a right to hate Obama…using the NSA to supply the Islamist private information stolen from them and given to the Muslim Brotherhood to prosecute, persecute, and silence…and what Obama has done in the Mideast, he has been involved in doing right here in America…Obama is the Founding Father of the New Beginning…AKA the United Nations, New World Order…the ‘New America’ spoken of by those trying to incite blacks to rise up, irritate, agitate, and get in the way, to disrupt and destabilize in order to ‘do away with’ our Constitution and our American way of life…and these are historic facts…not a ‘Conspiracy Theory’… not ‘phony scandals’….

Historic facts…facts that are so anti-American that even Obama can’t admit his participation or role in these crimes against American’s and decent humanity.


~ by WORDWarriorDeb on August 27, 2013.

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