Exposing Muslims Anti-Christ Call to Prayer

Stephen Schroeder 6-17-2013
It never ceases to amaze me…MSNBC and others are ‘now’ covering the protests at the Turkish Square in Istanbul Turkey…now that it is empty of protesters, now that there are no protests, now that the tents have been bulldozed and the people seem to have ‘disappeared’…now the media is using the calm, peaceful Turkish Square…absent of any unrest…as a backdrop to talk about continuing to arm the Islam…ic terrorist, fighting for the Muslim Brotherhood, to overthrow secular Arab governments and replace them with their Sharia Dictators. So they’re not even ‘covering’ the story in Turkey…just using the Square as a backdrop…so that it tells the story, the incorrect story…that the Anti-Sharia Revolution is over…or ‘never was’.  With such a deceptive backdrop as the peaceful Turkish Square, with the Muslim yelling in the background during the reporting…Chris Matthews, filling in this morning for Jansing & Co. said this… “It’s so good to hear the Muslim ‘call to prayer’ in the background, now that’s what I call ‘Dateline integrity’. ‘Dateline integrity’…interesting.  To speak of ‘integrity’ after we have witnessed for ourselves the absolute absence of integrity from the President, the Secretary of State, the U.N. Ambassador, the Attorney General, the IRS, and now the NSA…not to forget MSNBC, who has failed the American people as well as those around the world, in not only failing to report or cover such an historic event as this, and have assisted those who desire Islamic rule with the Quran as their Constitution…that forbids free speech, and calls for the execution of those who insult Islam with the most offensive of all ‘hate speech’…saying that ‘God beget a Son’…an unforgivable sin against Islam…a sin punishable by death. And all these Turkish people who only desire to enjoy their God given rights and freedoms that they so briefly enjoyed…as well as all the American people who are deceived by such lack of integrity in our Politics and it’s ‘Free Press’…have been betrayed by those like Chris Matthews and President Obama and others who love the sound of the Muslim calling the City to pray to Allah (trust me…it ain’t music to my ears…or God’s for that matter…but I was in Turkey, and was woken up by this sound of something dying every morning…how would you like to get woke up every morning by some guy yelling orders to you to bow and pray to ‘Allah…the God that begets NOT’…getting woke up by the sound of the enemy outside of your own house calling the citizens to unite together…that all will worship Allah…it don’t sound like music to the ears of the secular citizen and it’s the sound of persecution and death to the Christian citizen…yet it sounds lovely to Chris Matthews…it’s the integrity of MSNBC…and the faith of the President.  You can’t be a Christian and call Anti-Christ holy and sacred…if you say that Allah is God, and the Quran is ‘good’ then you are either ignorant or a Muslim, but regardless you too will be ‘antichrist’ and that’s the sad news for today….that your President and your corrupted government are pro-Islam and Anti-Christ…and their ‘integrity’ is the deception that makes it seem possible for all of them to get away with all of this. ‘Integrity’…yeah right. They don’t care about your security or health, or even being well informed…they aren’t spying on you to keep you safe…but to keep your enemies well informed…they don’t care about your rights and freedoms…they must be able to watch you…instead of watching ‘them’ (the enemy)…they claim that we must surrender our rights and freedoms so that they can do their job to protect the Nation…that there is no other way…that they cannot profile the Muslims in any way….yet they target us with taxation, intimidation retaliation and now humiliation…insulting our intelligence…that we don’t know what ‘integrity’ is…yet Matthews does…it’s the sound of Obama’s voice, or the sound of Islam’s  ‘call to pray to Allah ‘. Long live the Anti-Sharia Revolution!

~ by WORDWarriorDeb on June 19, 2013.

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