The time has come to obey the Word…Be ye separate!

There is chaos in the streets of Egypt…the legitimate government of the Egyptian People…their Constitution, is currently under attack by the illegitimate Islamic government of Mohammed Morsi…the ‘democratically elected government’ that once in power thought to replace the Constitution of the People with the Quran as their only Constitution…and thus according to our Constitution, have the right, ye…a the duty to ‘throw off’ any group or government that ignores or violates the Constitution…the Egyptian people had that right and duty, as does every American, and the Egyptian people did their duty and stood 23 million strong, peacefully, to ‘throw off’ the illegitimate Islamic government of Morsi. Just in… an Egyptian Coptic Christian Priest was killed in the Sinai…and the death toll is out of control,  like a forest fire, out of control…and the Secretary of State is on his yacht…and Obama is wondering if he still looks hot.  And the only response from the White House?  Not congratulations for those brave Egyptians who took back their Constitution…no, Obama is ‘deeply concerned’ …deeply concerned that there are so many people in Egypt that have rejected Islam’s Quran as their Constitution.  Now let’s get back to the real news….the Zimmerman trial, Paula Deen, and other court cases of white racism in America…to distract Americans to this most historic event of world history…the clash between the people who desire to live freely in a civil society, and those who desire that all people bow in submission to their religion of the sword. Iinstead of being deeply concerned about the Egyptians doing their Constitutional duty of ‘throwing off’ any government or group that tries to abolish, violate, or undermine the Constitution of the People of Egypt….Obama needs to be deeply concerned about the fact that he is not only on the wrong side of history, on the wrong side of humanity and civilization, but more importantly, Obama is on the wrong side of the ‘law’…the laws of the free people, their Constitution, but also on the wrong side of the laws of God…and on the side of those who desire to remove this ‘God given rights and freedoms’ especially the freedom to ‘say’ that ‘God beget a Son’ (the greatest of offenses towards Islam-punishable by death) Obama should be deeply concerned about todays murder of the Egyptian Coptic Christian Priest…for the blood is on Obama’s hands…not because Obama is doing nothing while the Muslim Brotherhood tries to do in Egypt what it’s been doing in Syria, and what it did in Libya, and in Turkey…to establish the supremacy of their religion over all others, and to rule all the people with their Quran…Obama seems unable to do anything at this point…except to stay the course and assist this Muslim Brotherhood…by cutting off the Military aid that he had provided the Muslim Brotherhood undemocratic ‘Democracy’ to make it difficult for the Official government of Egypt to protect it’s secular, and non-Muslim minorities from the violence from those who practice this Islam…this religion of peace….and Obama makes it sound like he has no choice but to cut off the Military aid to Egypts new government of the People…because it’s the ‘law’ because of the coup…so he has no choice because it’s the ‘law’…as if the ‘law’ ever meant anything but an obstacle to Obama and his administration that could be maneuvered around.  What law hasn’t  Obama broken?…and now he must continue to do the wrong thing in Egypt, because he has no choice, his hands are tied… by the ‘law’. Don’t wonder why those 23 million Egyptians took to the streets to protest Morsi and Obama…was it not Morsi who attacked us in Benghazi, and was it not Obama who told the world that it was an Egyptian Coptic Christian responsible for the death, destruction, and unrest in the Arab world…that it was an Egyptian Coptic Christian who had made a YouTube video that insulted Islam’s prophet Mohammed…it was this lie of the President that an Egyptian Coptic Christian responsible for Benghazi…inciting hatred and violence towards the Egyptian Coptic citizens of Egypt, and the deaths,  and persecution against the Christians by the unlawful government of Mohammed Morsi, is a result of President Obama’s failed Mideast Policy and dream of this ‘New Beginning’, of transforming the fractured secular Arab World into a Sharia Superpower…united under the banner of Islam, with the Quran as the only Constitution.  Should we Americans be forced to bow to Islamic law, simply because of the majority of citizens, imported citizens at that, demand that we bow to Islamic law?  Yet Obama expects the Egyptian people to do that?  And we wonder why the good people of Egypt don’t like Obama?  He’s a co-conspirator of their enemy, the enemy of the Constitution of the free People. No doubt Obama will seek to use the United Nations as the official referee in Egypt, so that Obama who can’t do anything, except the ‘wrong’ thing…can claim he has done nothing, while the United Nations continues to support the Muslim Brotherhood agenda, and continuing to encourage the death and chaos until the people bow to the will of the United Nations, to abolish their own Constitutions and embrace the Quran as their only Constitution, to establish this New World Order, AKA Obama’s New Beginning…World Peace by establishing global Islamic Socialism. The first half of Obama’s administration, Christians suffered persecution…maybe not in America, nor other countries where the Saints are sleeping with the Beast…but globally speaking, the Christians have suffered and always will under the rule of Islam…for Islam’s Quran has declared their faith in Christ… a Capital offense…but as we are seeing in this second 3 ½ years…it will be great persecution of the Saints, for not only with Obama do nothing…he will be doing everything to support the ambitions of the Muslim Brotherhood or Islamic law should we say…just in case it takes on a new name to be included in the game. So go ahead and let the Muslim Brotherhood destroy Egypt like they have done throughout the Arab World…go ahead and let them be persecuted, executed and crucified…go ahead and let this Islam, this religion of peace show the world exactly the reason why the rest of the civilized world, who desire nothing more than freedom, liberty, and justice, and to live in a civil society…ARE JUSTIFIED IN REJECTING THE MUSLIM BROTHERHOOD AGENDA….and those who do not have the same respect for the laws of the people…have no business being partners in the business of civil government or society…stay a religion if you so desire…but Islam has no place is governing a free and civil people, and impossible to have a free and civil society if the Quran is the Constitution…and no person on earth should be ‘compelled or forced to bow to any religious ideology against their consent, and no person should be forced or compelled to erect, attend, maintain, or support any religious ministry against the consent of the individual…and most importantly, absolutely no preference shall be given to any religion, or religious ministry against the consent of the individual…this is the law of the civilized people, the good people of America…and we the good people of America need to stand up, and follow the example of those in other countries paying the ultimate price to secure their rights and freedoms, and their Constitution…refuse to allow Obama to continue to arm the Islamist attacking Syria…make Obama account of the missing chemical weapons from Libya…accountable for Mohammed Morsi’s involvement in Benghazi…accountable for his lies that incited hatred towards the Egyptian Christian minorities…for his spying on us, his targeting of us, his violations of our own Constitution…of providing the enemy our personal information so they can properly punish us according to their Quran…in this world, and the next….did the NSA give Morsi information about non-Muslim citizens internet correspondence?  Why not?  Obama did.  Obama also blamed the internet, our free speech, and our mistake of thinking it was acceptable to insult Islam as the reason for his failing Mideast Policy.   We don’t need any more information from the American hero Edward Snowden…the American people have been shaken awake…and those not caught up in the distractions or deception…we know what’s going on now, and have seen it with our own eyes, and have heard it with our own ears…and know the truth of this matter…American’s have seen the real enemy….and it is us…and our rejection of the truth and the embrace of the lie…the rejection of freedom and the embrace the bondage of Islam…of calling good evil and evil calling good…of rejecting the Word of Yah, and embracing the will of Antichrist, the False Prophet and the Beast. The time has come to obey the Word…Be ye separate!

~ by WORDWarriorDeb on July 8, 2013.

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