PSN COMMENTARY BY STEPHEN MICHAEL: Edited and added to as one strong message delivered and by permission and authoriztion of the author given unto me long long ago…WORDWariorDeb

Today’s news is that Lois Learner did in fact target Christians, using the power of the tax, the IRS to discriminate against, target and persecute Christians, with the approval of this pro-Islamist President.

If you’re pro-Islamist then you’re automatically antichristian for that is the way it is in the Quran.
If and when you are willing to consider the evidence of a pro-Islamist President, using the power of the ‘tax’ to target Christians. This ‘phony’ scandal as Obama calls it, is actually in reality SHARIA, Islamic law being established within our Country.
Jizya- an Islamic tax imposed on non-Islamist a tax targeting Christians also known as extortion. EXTORTION is in the civil society of COMMON LAW a CRIMINAL OFFENSE. It is the moderate Islamic Muslims, who allow Christians to remain in the lands overtaken by them and not killed like the other Islamist extremist who obey the Qurans instructions to the letter of it’s law and literally do, ‘kill’ those who say that God beget a Son…
The foundation of the Christian is to say that ‘God beget a Son’ and that demonstration and expression of FREEDOM of SPEECH and COMMON LAW is, the ultimate insult to Islam a crime worthy of death…

The President of the United States has been providing aid and weapons to this enemy of our Constitution, our Country, and our faith in Christ…Providing aid to the enemy is ‘Treason’. Why is it that no justice can be issued, no crime punished because of the superiority of the color of his skin?

There is reason and justification for burning the effigy of him and for burning this book, this manual on extortion, bigotry, hatred, terror and violence, a guide on how to destroy Democracies and establish the will of Allah by these Islamist Theocracies. They that persecute with Great Persecution their religious minorities by committing genocide against Arab Christians in the Mideast and around the world…It is ‘this’ book that commands its followers to commit genocide against Christians, to commit terror and violence… It is this book that is preventing mankind from enjoying true peace, and preventing peace from being on earth…This is Standard Operating Procedure of this global criminal organization disguised as a religion called Islam…This book, that claims to be the way to peace for mankind, is what is ‘justifying’ all these crimes against mankind.This catalog of the will of the adversary, the Destroyer called Allah must be destroyed having been declared null and void and worthy of the flame like all are destined for the flames who stand in opposition to the True and Living God…
All those who conspire to rebel against the Throne,those who declare themselves to be ‘Equal to God’ (Apotheosis),those who make war against the Saints-(those who keep the Laws of God, and have the testimony of Christ), who persecute and murder the children of God will burn in the flames reserved for such tares…They are the weeds of terrorism, growing amongst the wheat.

Let the Islamist keep their Quran, let them practice Islam as their religion with its false foundation like all the other religions of bondage and the false doctrines of men in this present world… Never no not ever, can a ‘religion’ as hostile and offensive as the Islamist be considered a legitimate form of government, of a free and independent people, never by force or deception…Never for any reason will it be considered a legitimate way to govern mankind…When the Quran comes against our Constitution, demanding that we bow to their anti-Christ form of government, and when our legitimate government is taken over by those loyal to the Islamist Theocracy, a proper protest MUST be made, lest we be held accountable for our silence, for our apathy, and pay the price for allowing this evil to prosper because good men and women said nothing justifying it by claiming that ‘it’s all in God’s hands’ as if spiritually washing their hands of any guilt, of finding nothing wrong with the evil going on and assisting evil, as if they are doing God a service just as it was foretold, just as it was written….
Those who stand with the adversary can count on one thing from God…They will be smitten….

I,we, will post our, lawful protests as one witness against this anti-Constitution, anti-Christian government, and you continue to post pictures of your kitten clinging to your normalcy bias and embracing the strong delusion or you can choose to stand up, speak up and choose this day whom you will serve. It’s all being recorded in the Books of Life not just the counterfeit copy of FB in the here and now. The final WORD of the LAW and the leaves of the real TREE don’t burn they lead the WAY to Life. They are EVER GREEN in the midst of the FIRE- like the bush that Moses saw and heard because he was willing to seek for the truth…He saw, he heard, he stood for doing the right thing by understanding, faith and obedience to LAW a healing leave of the tree, the Books of Life.


~ by WORDWarriorDeb on September 15, 2013.

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