Manifest Destiny and The Masonick Beast

By Stephen Schroeder

by Stephen M. Schroeder

The History channel recently claimed that ‘MANIFEST DESTINY’ was ‘Christian theology and ideology, that ‘MANIFEST DESTINY’ was a ‘Biblical’ principle. When people hear the word ‘History’ they automatically assume that it is ‘factual’ or ‘historic fact’…thus when the History channel makes such a claim it reveals the depth of the deception…of the lie they keep perpetuating…that this is a Christian Nation, founded on the Judeo/Christian principle or ideology…which the History channel as well as every student school textbook declares, that it was ‘MANIFEST DESTINY’ upon which America came into being. The Historic Fact is that this is a blatant lie, the greatest of all lies…the Judeo/Christian foundation is actually the Judeo/Christian’s ‘Great Deception’ used to keep us in bondage to their lie, that America is the result of the will of God…that it was God’s will for Washington and his Freemasonic armies to rebel against the Protestant Crown, that it was the will of God for Washington to steal, kill and destroy, that the genocide of my people was the will of God…that the will of God is ‘MANIFEST DESTINY’…and because America ‘is’ then it must be evident that it was in fact the will of God…thereby making it almost impossible for Christians to comply with the Word of God and obey the final warning and instruction to the Church to ‘Be Separate and Come out of her’…almost impossible for Christians to break free from the bondage of such great deception.
So here is a little help for those who still are having a difficult time seeing things as they really are…the truth about this ‘MANIFEST DESTINY’.

‘MANIFEST DESTINY’ IS NOT A BIBLICAL PRINCIPLE…IT’S BABYLONIAN BLACK MAGIC…WITCHCRAFT! Let’s keep it real…There is only one Goddess…and she is an EVIL bitch…known by many names…Hathor, Ashtoreth, Ishtar…today called Liberty, Freedom and Victory…the ‘Triple goddess’…the ‘Three Fates’…the ‘Three Daughters of Allah’…a counterfeit and unholy trinity…the goddess of America…the Keeper of the ‘Tablet of Destiny’ (See Statue of Liberty…sun goddess of enlightenment holding tablet).

The ‘Three Fates’- This goddess of ‘Destiny’…Ishtar, keeper of the ‘Tablet of Destiny’ was the one responsible for these crimes against humanity done in the name of Washington…not the will of the God of the Bible, and it was this ‘Tablet of Destiny’ not the Bible that Washington used for the foundation of this Nation…and the Facts are undeniable.

It was the Freemasons BIG ‘secret’ this ‘MANIFEST DESTINY’…this ancient and hidden knowledge of ‘enlightenment’ this Tablet of Destiny codenamed the ‘True Philosophers Stone’ able to change base metals into gold…the ability to change good men into Gods…to enlighten and advance man to becoming equal to God…with this ability not only to see into the future and be a witness, but rather to actually form destiny, to mold history from the will of man, to actually manufacture the destiny of men…with this special ‘Tablet’ held by this colossus Statue of this goddess of ‘enlightenment of man’ (the other two goddesses are located at the Nation’s Capital in Washington D.C. [Freedom-the moon goddess] and the Capitol in Indianapolis, Indiana [Victory-the earth goddess]…Liberty is the sun goddess…the three in one.

The ‘Tablet of Destiny’ is actually a Babylonian Horoscope…a ‘Thirteen House’ Birth chart…revealing the destiny of that which is being born or created at a specific time in association with the stars in heaven. It was the way the Babylonian magicians could see into the future, as well as all those empires that were enlightened by the Stars…led by these Stars…believing that the Stars controlled the destiny of man, that mankind had no freewill, but

    slaves to these gods, who were men who became enlightened that they could become equal to God, with the assistance of this ‘Tablet of Destiny’, only with the assistance of the goddess, the keeper of the Tablet of Destiny, the same Goddess that visited George Washington to enlighten him on the Destiny of America, if he would simply heed her voice, and give her the honor and glory she would so deserve for making Washington victorious…

It’s not a story that I’m making up…it’s George Washington’s own words of this ‘visitation and enlightenment’ by this goddess. The evidence of this unlawful preference to the supreme pagan goddess is evident in their colossus statues of them…of the fact that this Triple goddess has been given special accommodations, and honor, sitting in the Nation’s Capital, complete with the pagan Pantheon of Rome, as if somehow revived by some secret Apotheosis or other magical incantation, by this champion of hers…George Washington sitting in the throne of God…officially and publicly declaring himself to be equal to God…as prophecy foretold…showing himself that he is God. And that blasphemous, official declaration (also known as the Apotheosis of George Washington), to declare Washington to be God…which was not the will of the true and living God of the Bible, but it was the will of the goddess, and according to her Tablet of Destiny.

The original temptation of man was that if man would obey the voice of the serpent, they would be ‘enlightened’ and become equal to God…and it was the woman who heard the voice that had yet to be manifested into a serpent, and obeyed, and thus the woman became the ‘first’ being to be ‘enlightened’ and become a deity….a goddess, which would become the fall of mankind, a goddess that has been obeyed and worshipped, unlawfully, unknowingly, my the deceived majority who still believe that this is a Christian Nation founded on Judeo/Christian principles…ignoring the facts.

It is not the will of God that your National Monument is an Abomination that brings forth desolation…a graven image of the erect penis of this ‘god of earth’…penetrating the Queen of Heaven, Virgo, which your Nations Capitol was designed by, and dedicated to this goddess, now on earth, as she is in heaven. It is not the will of God to have the pagans Pantheon restored to their proper places of honor in this ‘Revived Roman Empire’ known as America…not God’s will to allow once again the daily child sacrifice, the sodomy, the acceptance of other gods and displaying their images…these things were never the will of God, but always the will and desire of the goddess…to ‘enlighten man’ and make him equal to God, to disobey the voice of the Creator, and obey the voice of the destroyer, that serpent of old, our adversary.

It’s not the will of God for America to end the way she is going to end…that’s the consequence of disobeying the law…which is life, and therefore death is inevitable…and that isn’t the will of God, for it is written that God wishes that none should perish…which is why He gave His law, His Word, His life that we may be redeemed and live eternally, the reason why He gave us the Word, the truth, to set us free.

It was the will of this pagan goddess of fates, the goddess with the ‘Tablet of Destiny’ that showed the future to Washington according to the Stars, according to this Babylonian birth chart that was capable of interpreting what the Stars were saying…and with the obedience of man, obeying and serving these Star gods, took slaves and built these heavenly bodies, earthly domains…manifesting the hoped for destiny of the Serpent…to ascend his throne into heaven to make war with He who sits on the throne and had created all things. The authority promised to Washington for obeying the voice of the serpent (via the goddess) to ‘make the image’…in direct violation of God’s 2nd Commandment , and the power and authority of the serpent had indeed been given to Washington as can be confirmed by the reality of their ‘Great Seal of Authority’.

That is the reason why everything Washington built was dedicated to this goddess, this ‘Keeper of the Tablet of Destiny’ and in compliance to her Tablet, according to this Babylonian horoscope (See illustrations of how every significant cornerstone was laid precisely at the day and time dictated by this secret knowledge of this goddess that she was willing to give to man in exchange for obedience to her instructions, and the proper praise, honor and glory that she deserved and demanded in exchange…take for example the Indiana World War Memorial… an actual temple built for and dedicated to house this goddess of war, Ishtar, keeper of the Tablet of Destiny…disguised as a ‘War Memorial’…complete with an alter situated between two colossus heads (Capitols) of the moon goddess and earth goddess, and above this pagan alter is the American Flag, and above this flag is the sacred image of this goddess, the eight pointed Star (representing the 8 years to complete the path of Venus that makes the image of the five pointed star of man-wherein the significance of the number 13 comes into play as ‘her’ number) and the Indiana War Memorial even declares the reality of this deity… claiming that the name of this Star is called the ‘Star of Destiny’.

The reason why her temple is located in the heart of the Bible belt is because Indianapolis is a sacred union of heaven and earth…a doorway, a portal…a city built for the specific purpose of Apotheosisa city that was designed as an actual ‘Tablet of Destiny’ as the proper foundation for a city dedicated to the honor of this war goddess and her consort, a ‘sacred union’ between this goddess of earth and the sun god of heaven…the Egyptians Hathor/Horus story, a Capitol to honor this earth goddess Victory, to use this Babylonian high magic as a foundation for a House that would be vital for the ritual of making the god of earth immortal. (See actual map of Indianapolis as a Tablet of Destiny).

These are the facts that can easily be confirmed…do not continue to be deceived…be freed by the truth. You have been instructed to ‘Come out of her and be ye separate’ and you have been given ample reasons to justify your compliance to the Word and be separate…so if you’re thinking that you must remain loyal to that which seeks to devour and destroy you, because it is the will of God to continue to be united with that which He told you to be separate from…it’s not His will…it’s the will of the adversary that you unite with and assist the Antichrist that has you in such bondage that you actually believe to be free.

Your Nations Capitol represents the moon goddess…and Allah is the moon god….now maybe you can understand why this Masonic Beast called Washington has given power and authority to this false prophet of Islam…and both these antichrist desire to devour your blessings, your family and faith… The facts are there for you to examine…break their spell, see things as they really are…obey the Word and be ye separate.


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