Do your duty to the Constitution…no criminal activities can be ‘classified’

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‘We must have a debate’, the President says concerning our privacy and our security. First we must make a law that would ensure that no activities considered to be ‘criminal’ or ‘contrary to the Constitution’ may never and will never be allowed to be classified, so that such classification can be used as a blanket to conceal crimes and perpetuate the criminal activity.

How can we have a debate when the American citizens have been kept in the dark of all these outrageous violations of our Constitutional Rights for the past 7 years!

How can we expect an ‘honest’ debate when all we have witnessed are lies coming from the Presidents mouth? Why would we exchange our Liberty in exchange for a promise of security from a government who is trying to take our arms, while unlawfully providing weapons of war to the enemies of America and our Constitution?

Why would we trust our health care that is being enforced by the IRS who has already admitted to targeting us Conservative Christians, and giving preferential treatment to Liberals and Muslims?

Who is going to be recording our ‘debates’?

Why would we want a debate with a President who blamed Benghazi on the free speech of Christians? (to change the talking points of the Arab unrest for Obama’s betrayal of the Muslim Brotherhoods DNC Platform, giving Jerusalem back to Israel, and the fraudulent vote of the DNC on Sept.5th…to make the Muslim outrage appear to be about a YouTube video that hurt the feelings of Muslims….inciting more violence against the religious minorities throughout the Arab World…all to protect his image and retain the White House…the lie about the video was the United Nations idea to assist them in their attempt to outlaw any speech offensive to Islam (such as saying that God beget a Son-the most offensive thing to Islam). Obama claims the war on terror is over…what we’ve got to accept is that the war against us has been going on for the past 7 years, and we still refuse to properly identify the real enemy…those who desire to do away with our Constitutional God given rights and freedoms and replace them with U.N. Mandates.

If you have information about any criminal activities of this government but are hesitant to come forward with it because it’s ‘classified’…do your duty to the Constitution…no criminal activities can be ‘classified’…Obama doesn’t care about our word ‘Constitution’…pay no heed to Obama’s word ‘Classified’. Or as Billy Jack said…’When the ‘law’ breaks the law, then you don’t have any laws.’ Be lawless if you so desire…but do not for a moment think that you somehow have any authority over me, because the fact is you don’t….to the contrary…the proper authority becomes mine…because it always was. SMS

Editor WWD Notes:
It seems there are a few people who “get it”.

“A well-informed crowd responded with calls of “taqiyyah” when members of AMAC, a group that bills itself as “a bridge between the Muslim community and law enforcement,” touted Muslim contributions to U.S. society and their dedication to upholding American values.

(Taqiyyah doctrine obligates Muslims to deceive infidels as part the required effort or jihad to institute Islamic doctrine or shariah).”


~ by WORDWarriorDeb on June 8, 2013.

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