The premature term, the ‘Muslim World’ is the wishful thinking of these lawless ones standing on the wrong side of Right and history.

PSN by Stephen Michael Schroeder The premature term, the ‘Muslim World’ is the wishful thinking of these lawless ones standing on the wrong side of Right and history. Yet refuse to repent or turn from their destructive ends. But press forward.  The ‘Muslim World’…and according to the ‘Muslim World’…includes America as well as all the Nations on Earth…for Allah demands that Islam rules every Nation on Earth…and America is just one of many domains ‘of’ the ‘Muslim World’…according to the ‘Muslims World’…but the Mideast is the Arab World…it’s not the Islamist yet…and that will be determined for Islam, AKA The religion of the Sword, must be killed by the Sword…and when America gets involved between the age old civil war since Islam’s beginning between Sunni and Shite…there is no winner…and these Political leaders need to realize that you can’t have a true Democracy between two competing and hostile religious parties claiming that Allah is on their side, and against the other…thus the need to keep government of men, by men, must be separate from such religious dogma and divisions…with such destructive ends.

The reason Obama is blaming the closure of 23 Embassies in the ‘Arab World’ is on a ‘threat’ from ‘Al Qaeda’  Is this ‘Commander in Chief’ saying that America runs from a ‘threat’?…or that America is unable to defend itself from the onslaught of Al Qaeda, a group the President said that he had finished, and the war on terror was over (thus the need for the NSA to begin grabbing the privacy of Americans who had been identified as the ‘New Enemy’ of Obama’s ‘New Beginning’…transforming the Arab World into the Moslem World….which it is not, and why the conflict has begun to settle which civilization will win…the society of a civil secular government separate from Religious entanglement, or a government of Islamic law, with the Quran as the only Constitution to be recognized as lawful or obeyed as legitimate…and that is the conflict that is currently underway, and why the American people, or at least the White, Conservative, Christians need to pay attention to what is going on in the Arab World, and the example set by the good people of Egypt who stood up to the unlawful attempt to abolish the Constitution of the People and replace it with Islamist rule. Obama blames the closure of these U.S. Embassies on ‘Al Qaeda’ (when the fact is that it is all of these Arab Nations that have been overthrown in order to establish this global Islamic Socialism, all these Arab Nations that had listened to America…believed in America…that it was a government of the People, by the people for the people, and therefore a lasting and sure Constitution…and have been betrayed by Washington, discovering the truth…almost too late…that Washington was spying on their personal conversations, and private communications, and providing such information to these Islamist fascist…resulting in great persecution and bloodshed of the non-Islamist minorities…and therefore justifies their anger, their outrage, their desire to ‘throw off’ this Washington who had betrayed them by betraying its own principles and laws…it’s morals….all just ‘phony’.
And just as Obama is trying to label all those Arabs that he has betrayed (by assisting Islamist persecute Egyptian Christians) as ‘Al Qaeda’…as well as those ‘Islamist’ Obama betrayed at the DNC Convention, by changing the DNC Platform from what he had promised the Muslim Brotherhood, but to giving Jerusalem as the Capitol of Israel…so Obama has betrayed the Campaign promises to his own Muslim Brotherhood…as well as the non-Islamist Arabs….just as he has both Sunni and Shiites claiming Obama has taken sides and has betrayed them…and now we see why we would shut down all these Embassies on the Commander in Chiefs Birthday…because when Obama shuts down our own Government, he will no doubt blame it on the threats of his enemy…White, Conservative, Christians…who are against him because he is Black…and we the people so ignorant to judge by the color of skin.
And every American should pray that our Military…the Military of ‘We the People’…The Military that took an oath to defend and protect our Constitution…the same reason all the other Americans in the military have done…’that’ Military will do the right thing…and do what the Egyptians Military has done….serve and protect the people…not the interest of a preferred establishment of religion…it is what our Constitution expects and demands…and We the People are obligated, have the duty (hear that Patriot?) have the duty to stand up speak out and press against and ‘throw off’ any government that tries to do away with the Constitution…but when you see Candy Crowley and others to make such a thought seem ‘stupid’…I’m not very confident this ‘land of the free and home of the brave’ will be able to show such courage as the good people of Egypt who have refused to be under the yoke of this lawless government of Islam.
If you don’t do your duty…and this is a lot more important than voting….your duty to stand up and speak out and protect your Constitution and your God given rights and freedoms you can be sure of one thing, well, two things….you won’t have them for long, and you didn’t deserve such gifts…and cowardice and apathy should never be rewarded with such blessings….cause you’d probably be silly enough to just give them away anyway, to whoever threatened you, and you just gave it away in exchange for peace or protection…what the United Nations is expecting us to do, and Obama was hoping that we would do.
Somebody needs to tell Obama that ‘Chicago Politics’ don’t work very well in the Arab World…over there they actually expect you to tell the truth and keep your promises…and don’t like being betrayed, especially when it results in bloodshed of their loved ones…politics isn’t a game in the Mideast…it’s a matter of life or death to them…and they don’t play that…if only Obama had some advisers that could say that.

~ by WORDWarriorDeb on August 6, 2013.

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