If you cannot account for the missing chemical weapons stolen from Benghazi you can’t just ‘assume’ or ‘speculate’ that Syrian President Assad is the guilty party in the dispersion of chemical weapons…

Stephen Schroeder-Before we debate what the strategy is for going in and coming out, and acting as if they don’t know who is going to take Assad’s throne…it’s the same ones attacking them…the Muslim Brotherhood and Islamist set on the abolishment of the Constitutions of men…with the blessing of the United Nations and Obama.

If you cannot account for the missing chemical weapons stolen from Benghazi you can’t just ‘assume’ or ‘speculate’ that Syrian President Assad is the guilty party in the dispersion of chemical weapons…for it is a very real possibility that these stolen chemical weapons were and are being stored in Al Qaeda and Muslim Brotherhood munitions depots.

An intelligent and advanced civilization would not risk WWIII on ‘speculating’ without any evidence, with a United Nations investigation mandate ‘not to determine who used chemical weapons’…like sending in the FBI to investigate a robbery, but insisting that they don’t try to determine who robbed the bank. Now do you see why we have no business assisting Al Qaeda, the Muslim Brotherhood, or any group that desires to abolish the Constitutions of man and replace it with their filthy Quran?
Any Politician that votes to use our Military to aid and assist the enemies of the Constitution of the United States, to assist these ‘antichristian’ Islamist, who have shown the world the result of what happens when Obama and the CIA pays protesters to disrupt and destabilize secular Arab governments, then use the US Military to ‘punish’ these secular Arab leaders for mistreating these CIA paid protesters…yet these Politicians act like they don’t know who is going to take the place of Assad…ignoring the facts of history being established by Obama and his dream of being the Founding Father of a United States of Sharia, an Islamic Superpower…and that dream is the reality of the nightmare we and the rest of the world now face…America assisting antichrist Islamist topple the civilized world, and remove the rights and freedoms of man, to ban all religions but Islam, and to kill those who say that God beget a Son.
McCain and Lindsey Graham are trying to sell the American people on their plan to assist Al Qaeda, the Muslim Brotherhood and those against Christianity and Constitutions…but we Christian American cannot give you our approval or the authority to assist these Islamist Antichrist…for the Word of God is clear that we must not assist in anyway these ‘antichrists’…or we will suffer their same fate…not to mention, the Constitution of the United States does not allow Washington to give preference to one establishment of religion over another…and using US Military to strengthen Islam and weaken the Christians is a violation of the Constitution, aiding the enemy, and violating the Word of Gods instruction to be separate from such, and not to assist in any way….

If Obama, McCain, and Graham want to join forces with antichrist Islamist like Al Qaeda and the Muslim Brotherhood, and those who attacked our Embassy and killed our Ambassador and others…

If they want to assist the likes of these-they will be on their own because we Christians in America, those of us who believe in the Constitution, those secular citizens enjoying the rights and freedoms of a State separate from Church or Mosque we all have an objection to this attempt to sell America on starting WWIII over the wishful thinking of Obama, or the false accusations against the innocent, and punishing the innocent for the crimes and sins of the guilty party and if you vote to assist the enemy you will be the ‘guilty party’ and as guilty as Obama, guilty of treason,the enemy of Christianity, the enemy of the Constitution, and the enemy of Civilization.


~ by WORDWarriorDeb on September 3, 2013.

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