catholics Falling AWAY

A large segment of the Catholic Church is converting to Protestants…and the new Pope, that replaced the last Pope that ‘resigned’ is out in full campaign modeand saying some pretty profound things trying to replace this falling away with the ‘anything goes crowd’ declaring…”Who am I to judge?” Pope Francis, a Jesuit-the group formed to persecute the Protestants and try to eliminate them…which is… how Islam became a religion…from a woman, Mohammed’s wife, who convinced him that the angry angel that choked him and demanded that he recite his message (that God did not beget a Son) was not a demon…but the angel Gabriel, and thus Islam uses the violence of this ‘angel of light whose message is ‘antichrist’ that God did not beget a Son…and is being used by the Vatican, like the Pope who used George Washington to betray the Protestant Crown and establish a ‘revived Roman Empire’…a Masonic Government whose preferred religious establishment is pagan Polytheism…and whose God is a goddess, a Great Whore…dressed up as a man wearing silk stockings, and a white wig…and this Great Whore is going to be devoured by this ‘Masonic Beast’ that she has been riding upon…and it is this False Prophet that they are giving power and authority to, to assist the Roman Church to subdue American Protestants. What good is a Pope that cannot declare sin to be a sin?  What good is a Father who cares more about being popular with his children rather than discipline (disciple-to teach) his children the difference between right and wrong…to embrace good, and shun evil?  What good is a Father who refuses to warn his children about the consequences of breaking the laws of God and man?  Does the Pope truly believe that he is right and the God of the Bible is wrong…or that God has changed his mind, and God is ‘ok’ with you being gay…so why not stay that way…because according to this new Pope…Atheist go to heaven, and it’s ‘ok’ to be gay….and since the Pope is incapable of ‘judgment’ then abortion is not to be condemned either…for who is the Pope to judge? There is a difference between ‘judging’ and ‘condemning’…and the perfect example about judging others came from the story of the whore being brought before our Lord for him to judge her…and the Word records that those who accused the woman of being a whore began leaving once Christ started writing their various ‘sins’ in the sand…and the spoken challenge…’He who is without sin, cast the first stone’ until it was just Christ and the woman remaining…and Christ did not condemn the woman…but Christ had made his judgment…for he told her to ‘go and SIN no more’…identifying what she had done was indeed a ‘SIN’…it was wrong, and thus must be addressed as such…identify sin for what it is ‘sin’…not declare ‘sin’ is ‘ok’…that being an Atheist will not keep you out of heaven…which is totally contrary to the Word of God…this so called ‘Church’ claims as their foundation. A true Father does his job as a Father and instructs his children properly…not focus on his ‘popularity’.  We must be able to declare ‘sin’ as ‘sin’…lest there will be no repentance…and thus no possibility of forgiveness…but only accomplish the pagans dream of making the God of the Bible to look cruel and evil…and now you can understand why the Pope kisses Islam’s Quran…for no true Father of Christian children would ‘kiss’ or ‘assist’ the Quran that calls Christianity a ‘Monstrous Thing’ and an ‘unforgivable sin’ worthy of execution…proving that the Pope is not your Father…nor the Father of any true Christian man, woman, or child…and why the Bible warned you not to call any man your ‘Father’ AKA ‘Pope’ and now you have the reason why you need to comply with the Word, because if you don’t…it’s a ‘SIN’.
Stephen Michael

~ by WORDWarriorDeb on July 30, 2013.

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