“Parable of the BANK- teller who felt compelled to expose the true culprit…”


Editorial by Stephen Schroeder
Christ taught us that the best way to present the truth is by the use of a parable.
Therefore… A Federally insured Bank was robbed.  One of the bank tellers (who hadn’t slept with the Bank Manager) had information proving that it was none other than the Bank Manager who had robbed said bank.  The Bank had a policy, a law that forbid any Bank Employee from discussing or disclosing any and all information pertaining to the Bank and its security procedures to anyone at any time for any reason…yet this Bank Teller felt compelled to expose the true culprit behind this crime, and gave this information to a newspaper outlet.
When the Federal Investigators came to investigate the bank robbery…for some odd reason they seemed to care less about the Bank Manager who had robbed the bank, but rather their priority was to track down this Bank Teller for breaking the rule and policy of the Federally insured Bank…and informing the public as to exactly who was behind the robbery…realizing her life was in danger ( for exposing such a conspiracy of organized bank robbing…of the Feds being behind these Bank Managers robbing their own banks and having the protection of the Feds to perpetuate the continuation of this organized crime) naturally fled for her own safety…thus she is obviously guilty of ‘something’ according to the Media that defames her character and calls her names while the Feds who should be behind bars for their participation of this conspiracy demand the head of the Bank Teller… …as if they care nothing about the original crime…the theft of that which we value…our rights and freedoms.
So hang your heads in shame, those of you who called this hero all those nasty names that you and your elected officials are guilty of…hang your head in shame for your treason to the Constitution and the betrayal of all those who have sacrificed and given their lives for…for it is you who has assisted the enemy, it is you who stands in opposition to our God given rights and freedoms…and your name is shame…you shouldn’t have been sleeping with your boss.
In Hong Kong there was a sign that read…
’Save Snowden-Save Freedom’….and that was in Hong Kong…think about it…all those Nations that looked to America as that City on the hill showing the way for all the other Nations to follow…of allowing the people to govern themselves and enjoy their rights and freedoms…and now the World sees not only the hypocrisy and deception, the false accusations of the White House against other Nations for doing such a thing… but also how the White House is so willing to persecute the innocent and torment the heroes while they themselves lie and protect those who are the real traitors guilty of high treason, continuing without consequence or even conversation or debate…speaking of which, the ‘Debate’ that President Obama claims he ‘so welcomes’…
To debate this issue of Government spying on its own people…has filed espionage charges against the very one who brought forth the debate… only confirms yet again that this is just another of their many lies…they don’t want to talk or debate about it…they want to enforce the laws against us that they have no intention themselves of obeying…doing things in the dark because they wouldn’t be allowed in the light of day…doing things in secret because what they are doing is a crime…’classifying’ information and evidence of their criminal activities…this isn’t America…not when you realize that there is no difference between the NSA and the KGB…and Snowden may be a traitor to these lawless ones, but he is a hero to me.

~ by WORDWarriorDeb on June 24, 2013.

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