You Should Be Concerned about you government becoming lawless and anti-Christ…

IT SHOULD BE OBVIOUSIslam has indeed invaded our lands and is currently attempting to change our land into yet another Islamic domain.PSN -Protestant Separatist News

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Sorry Susan Rice….and others at NSA…I couldn’t remember if this was ‘classified’ or not….not that I care and just for the record…the redacted name of the submitting official was PSS (Physical Security Specialist) Jerry Easter. And just so you understand how big of a jump they have on us…this was 23 years ago…keeping record on those ‘critical of Islam’ to store, to keep on file…in case ‘we’ become a problem….meaning in case we refuse to ‘stand down’.

Stephen Schroeder- “I ain’t standing down dude” I’m going to continue to stand up and speak out against these ‘domestic enemies’ of our Constitution. It’s amazing to see Republicans like Lindsey Graham and Rep. King who have no problem with the government invading the privacy of all Americans by seizing and storing all their personal and private communications and even internet correspondence…and claim that the hero Snowden should be prosecuted for treason because he has possibly given assistance to the enemy.

Yet Obama gives these Islamic terrorist and other criminal organizations not just assault weapons, but military weapons and financial assistance to these real enemies of America…now who has done more to damage our National Security? Who has given unlawful assistance to the enemies of America?…Snowden because he told the American people that their government was violating its own Constitution, or Obama because he actually provided funding and weapons to the enemy? Who is the real traitor of the Constitution here…Snowden or Obama?

Is Obama above the law because of his skin color? Or is it because of Obama’s faith in Islam? Why would these Republican Politician’s think that it’s wrong to ‘break the law’ when that’s the only way to reveal the secret criminal activities and the law breaking by these lawmakers?
What makes these Republican Politician’s think that it’s acceptable for the government to classify it’s criminal activities as ‘Top Secret’ to prevent any public debate that they claim they want to have…to protect criminal activities of the government and their ‘secret’ attempts to abolish our Constitutional law and replace it with their U.N. Islamic Socialism.

“They’re not reading the transcripts of your phone calls, they’re just collecting and storing them” they claim. Storing them for what? Storing them until when? Which brings us to the common apathetic excuse for not standing….”If you’re not doing anything wrong, then you don’t have anything to worry about” …that’s just not true, and they hope you believe such nonsense…because you don’t have to do anything ‘wrong’ to be concerned…you should be concerned because your Constitutional Rights have been violated in secret…not to protect you from Islamic terrorist attacks…but to identify you as the enemy of Obama’s New Beginning AKA The United Nations New World Order –Islamic Socialism.

This lawless government loyal to the United Nations is collecting and storing information about American citizens opposed to this U.N. Global Peace Plan of redistributing wealth, of taking from the ‘haves’ to give to the ‘have nots’ in exchange for peace…Islamic extortion as directed by Sharia law…for the not too distant future when, Sharia law becomes superior to our Constitutional law…

You don’t have to do anything wrong to be considered an enemy of this New Beginning…you don’t have to commit any crime to be on ‘their’ Most Wanted list, or their ‘enemies list’…
You simply have to be a Christian, or a Conservative who believes that you have the freedom of speech, to say that God beget a Son and that’s all you have to do to be on the list of those ‘worthy of death’…also according to their Quran and Sharia law.

That’s the clear and present danger…the unseen threat and the way Sharia law is implemented, secretly, unknowingly to the population that Islam invades, as explained by the Quran, that the people don’t even realize that their system of government has even changed…They continue to vote and pay taxes…to who they always paid their taxes to, with the exception that the tax collection agency pays Islam what it demands to allow citizens to continue to live in peace…The recent revelations of the IRS targeting of Conservative Christians and giving preferential treatment of Muslims and Liberals it should be obvious.

Islam has indeed invaded our lands and is currently attempting to change our land into yet another Islamic domain…with Islamic Muslims being fast tracked into our most sensitive of National Security departments like the Fusion Centers…not to mention how Obama replaced Gen. Petraus with the Muslim CIA Director currently in charge of gathering information about the ‘enemy’ (which is not Islam according to the President and today’s CIA) The enemy being identified as you…that the war on Islamic terror is over…yet these violations of our Constitution must continue to keep you safe.

I know what I’m talking about…and include the evidence that the government has been keeping information on those being critical of Islam for decades now….spying on you, tracking you, and reporting on you…not because of doing anything wrong…except for exercising your God given Rights and Freedoms and believing that God beget a Son. Americans need to wake up…they’ve been dreaming that they don’t have anything to worry about, because they don’t do anything wrong.

You should be concerned about you government becoming lawless and anti-Christ…You should be concerned that you have already been declared as ‘guilty’ for the most offensive of crimes against this U.N. Islamic Socialism…saying that God beget a Son…for that has been declared since the beginning to be a crime worthy of death, an unforgivable sin against Islam and it’s pagan moon god Allah.

If you’re not concerned….then your part of the problem…And you will get what you deserve…count on it. The wages of Apathy is bondage…and when you wonder how you became as a citizen of Soviet Russia or during the time of Hitler…it was because of your fear and apathy that you became the victim, and made the evils like Hitler’s and Islam’s flourish.

See the attachment of evidence of how the government collects and ‘stores’ information about those critical of Islam…for ‘future reference’ should you ‘become a problem’. Not because you’ve done anything wrong…but simply because the way you currently believe has become a problem to their plan. Please notice that they also ‘add’ information to discredit you and defame your character…AKA lies…like their claim that the jacket I wore had a JDL (Jewish Defense League) patch, when it was in fact and IDF (Israeli Defense Forces) patch [big difference] as well as the false claim that I had a phone number to a chemical distributor. Proving that they are not just collecting information about you and storing it for future reference, but also adding lies to it to discredit your future history.

Bottom line…
THIS IS WAR and they have declared it so. You can either obey them and stand down while your country men are being mowed down…or you can disobey these direct orders and stand up, speak out, and fight for your life and defense of those who cannot defend themselves. You can fear the consequences and not speak out because you afraid that you may break their laws that they care nothing about, or you can stand up for the Constitution that records our God given rights and freedoms against all enemies foreign or domestic and testify of these crimes they have ‘classified’ as Top Secret…information about the government that reveals that the ‘Conspiracy Theory’ is actually History.
Be ye separate. Come out of her my people.


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