June 6, 2013 Protestant Separatist News Release

Press release from Protestant Separatist News June 6, 2013
Today the news is that Verizon has turned over millions of Americans phone calls to the NSA (National Security Administration) yet another government attack on our privacy and free speech. Lindsey Graham claims that we have nothing to worry about and this is a good thing (Lindsey Graham is a Verizon customer, with stock interests, and is defending this ‘policy’ established by George W. Bush…who implemented it under the Patriot Act to track the phone calls of international terrorist to those within our borders…which Lindsey Graham uses to justify such infringement upon Americans rights and freedoms.

The problem is that this ‘war on terror’ was over the day Obama became President…and has declared the ‘war on terror is over’ publicly and officially…yet what President Bush intended for tracking Islamic terrorist is now being used on the ‘new enemy’ of President Obama’s ‘New Beginning’…Conservative Christians… AKA Americans.

So exactly who is calling the shots here? Many are giving President Obama way to much credit…blaming him, ignoring the fact that Obama is only 1/3 of the power of this government, not to mention only has the experience of being a Community organizer…just who is behind this overthrow of our government of we the people? Who is spreading this hate speech, inciting violence against Egyptian Christians, and now American Christians? Who is behind this defamation of our Christian character…blaming the free speech of Christians on the internet as the cause of all the death and destruction in the Mideast…who is responsible for inciting violence against Christians, and behind all these violations of our rights and freedoms? Who was behind this ‘false witness’ that Christians free speech on the internet was to blame for the 911 attacks and assassination of a US Ambassador in Benghazi? Who has made our Constitution null and void?

Sure the revelations of the IRS wasting millions of tax dollars on making ‘videos’ (especially during a sequestration used to justify the diminishing of our military and National Security) but more troubling is the revelation yet to be reported as to which government agency produced the Mohammed video that President Obama, Hillary Clinton, and Susan Rice used to blame Christians free speech for the chaos and carnage throughout the Middle East and the cause for the 911 attack and assassination of the US Ambassador and three others in Benghazi.

So what has taken over our government? What is behind this overthrow of our government of ‘We the people’? How did our Constitution become so irrelevant? When did America become so mediocre? The problem is not because of women working instead of being Mothers, nor is it because of taking prayer or these ‘polytheistic’ or ‘secular’ displays of the Ten Commandments out of schools (to the contrary, Muslim student can now pray several times a day, being excused from classes in order to pray in school…thanks to the misguided demands of Christians to allow the State to possess and hopefully promote their faith in the public arena)…no that’s not the problem…that’s not how America fell.

The fall of America…the end of the ‘United’ States occurred when our Constitution was voided, when our laws were publicly and officially declared as ‘irrelevant’ by the very President who took an oath to uphold, protect, serve and defend this very Constitution…by a ‘Domestic enemy’ that was ‘Democratically elected’ just like all the other Muslim Brotherhood Democracies being established into a Sharia Superpower, a United States of Islam…wherein Islamic terrorist and criminal organizations can become legitimate governments simply because the intimidated majority voted for them to be in power.

Obama has claimed that the ‘war on terror’ is over, and that ‘our laws are irrelevant’ and our God given rights and freedoms must be surrendered in exchange for peace and security…that the redistribution of wealth from the ‘haves’ to the ‘have-nots’ must take place in order to have peace…and this ideology is found in Islam’s Sharia law…and this ‘Islamic Socialism’ is the global peace plan of the United Nations, called the ‘New World Order’ which all the Presidents have been secretly implementing from Bush Sr. to Bill Clinton, to Bush Jr. to Barrack Obama…all have them have bowed to the U.N. –N.W.O or as Obama calls it, his ‘New Beginning’…and that is the problem in a nutshell.

The United Nations global peace plan is Islamic Socialism…and the greatest enemy of Islam is the free speech of Christians who ‘say’ that ‘God beget a Son’…it is an unforgivable sin, punishable by execution according to their Islamic law, a Capital offense…and is the major offense against Islam, a much greater offense then drawing a cartoon insulting Mohammed, or a video critical of Islam…we don’t have to do anything to offend Islam and hurt the feelings of Muslims other than us simply being Christian…yet the President and his administration declare that it is our rights and freedoms that are the cause of all the chaos and carnage taking place in the Arab world due to his failed foreign policy.

The reason why President Obama has said that the ‘law is irrelevant’ is because Obama and others believe that the United Nations laws supersedes our Constitutional laws…our God given rights and freedoms…and this is why it was Susan Rice, Ambassador to the United Nations who reported to the American people the lie being presented to the world that it was the free speech of Christians to blame of global unrest…for it is the will of the United Nations to suppress such offensive free speech of those who dare say that ‘God beget a Son’ and cause such death and destruction and the lack of global peace.

President Obama seems to be the one we should point to as the problem…but the fact is that it doesn’t matter who is President…Republican or Democrat…they both have bowed to this belief that U.N. law is superior to U.S. Constitutional law…and President Obama will never be ‘guilty’ of anything, because he is like a Chicago Mafia ‘Don’…just a United Nations pawn, trying to peaceable transform or change America from a Christian Conservative Capitalist Republic into a liberal socialist Islamic Democracy ruled by an imported majority that has been flooding into our lands since President Clinton mothballed the immigration laws (in order to balance the ‘fabric of America’ and make it just as Islamic as Christian-as if they could ever co-exist in peace) and this would explain why Susan Rice has been promoted to head the National Security Adviser to the President…to continue to advise Obama as to what the United Nations requires for this peaceful transition in order to establish global peace.

The ‘New Enemy’ of Obama’s ‘New Beginning’ is the same enemy declared by the United Nations New World Order…and the ‘New Enemy’ are those who believe that the Constitution of We the People, declaring our God given rights and freedoms, is the superior law of the land, the law that all those who fought and died for…the law that all sacrificed for is NOT irrelevant, but the law of we the people and will not be made null and void by these Islamic Socialist as if it is the will of God, or that Allah is God.

Washington’s war on terror is over. Washington’s war on Christianity has just begun…and you have been properly identified as their enemy…it’s on like Donkey Kong….
Read Michaels ‘Manifest Destiny’ to see what side you were on.


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