Our National Parks Our HERITAGE- OUR Wilderness Preserves

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The National Park Service? The National Park Service, Obama and the IRS are forcing you to pay for their violation of the Constitution of the United States…using your tax dollars to give unlawful preference to an establishment of religion…a religion hostile to our own, a religion hostile to our Country, our Constitution, and consider our faith in Christ to be the greatest of all insults to Islam…to use propaganda films to defend Islam, to promote Islam…to use young girls to declare that Islam is a religion of peace, that Americans don’t understand Islam…that Islam treats women fairly and proper…ironically these young girls between 7 and 9 years old are considered eligible wives according to this Islamic law they are glorifying.
We will post the evidence of how Islam really treats women, and how the Quran encourages pedophiles, and treating women like dogs…these young girls aren’t experts on Islamic law, and only know what they are being taught (in our public schools) and by their Islamist parents…that Islam is good…and therefore the enemies of Islam (Christians, Jews, and non-Muslims) are evil.
There comes a time in every man’s life when the time for talk ends…and the time of walking the walk begins. A man can only endure so much provocation…a citizen can only endure so much ‘violation’ of the laws of We the People…the Constitution is clear…no preference shall be given to any establishment of religion, and Obama and the IRS is in direct violation of the Constitution, giving unlawful preference to Islam…and giving preference to one religious establishment is a crime in and of itself…but when the government of Obama is also giving ‘persecution’ to the other religious establishments (non-Muslims) then that is strike two…and since there is no repentance, no compliance, only defiance and deception…since they refuse to repent…that would be…strike three.
This will be the final issue that I will be ‘talking’ about…for there will be nothing left unsaid….I will obey the Word of the Lord, and will separate from them…It has been written, it has been said…“Give me liberty or give me death.” So let me say again, if I can’t be separate, then I’d rather be dead…If I cannot be free, if I cannot separate from those who desire to kill me, I already would be.
The adversary knows their time is shortand are becoming more furious and violent and we all can see how now the Islamist are not just targeting Christians for genocide but all non-Muslims killing the innocent to prove that Islam is a religion of peace.
But praise be to our God Yah, for he has given us the victory over the adversary, by giving us His Word, His instructions for us to Come out of her, and be ye separate, and He will fight our battle for us and we have arrived at the time that we can see for ourselves, the validity of the Word, that it is truth and that what the adversary intends for us for evil, is turned into working out for our good, that their weapons intended for us is turned upon themselves and each other, the evil they desired to put upon us, is put upon them and all we had to do all along was to obey the Word, heed the instructions, see the signs, and do what the Word of God has instructed you to do… Separate and not to assist in any way these ‘antichrists’ that this government of Obama is assisting this enemy of our Country, our Constitution and our faith in Christ.
Where shall we go? What did the Word of God tell you to do? Where did he tell you to go? Is it not written to ‘head into the hills’ isn’t that where your strength is? Is that not where your joy will be when you will be free and free indeed?
The National Park Service has violated the Constitution of We the People…And thru Obama and the IRS forcing us to pay for their Islamist propaganda, to pay for promoting their Islamic law, paying to promote that which seeks to steal our lands, take our blessings that we ‘have’, and force us to denounce the Son of God, and submit to Islamic rule and since the National Park Service has violated our law to give assistance to these antichristian enemies what the National Park Service intended for our persecution has now become an open door… The justification for all Christians and non-Muslims to take up residence within the National Parks is evidence of how what is intended to do us harm, turns into a blessing for us, to do what we must, to obey the Word and separate ourselves from such and to head into hills into these National Parks,a wilderness reserved for those who love (obey) the Lord.
In the ‘Old’ America this land was known as the land of the free and the home of the brave… Today in Obama’s ‘New America’ we have a new name-the sponsor of Islamic terrorism land of the lawless ones.
Instead of declaring that the National Park Service has 30 days to comply with the law, the time has come that there must be consequences for these high crimes, for this treason, for this violation of the Constitution. When a crime is committed the law doesn’t tell the criminals that they have 30 days to correct the error of their ways and make things right, they are immediately ‘arrested’ (stopped) and punishment rendered for the violation of the law.
The reason why we are witnessing all these violations of our rights and freedoms is because there has been no consequences for previous violations of the law and until there are consequences for the violation of law then the violation of law will continue and thrive therefore there must be consequences.If that means that we only elect non-Black people since we cannot prosecute Blacks because that would be racist whatever it takes, there must be consequences for such violations of the law or there is no law, only Anarchy…If there are no consequences for violating our Constitution then these high crimes will continue and if you do nothing, you’re an accomplice, and also the enemy.
The National Park Service must immediately stop violating the law and there must be consequences to prevent anybody from trying to do the same thing but since it is doubtful that this rouge unlawful government of Obama will repent let alone admit of any wrongdoing, but will continue to do as they wilt then let it be known that there is no law and the National Parks better not send Ranger Smith into the forest looking for this Yogi Bear,that will be a big ‘Boo Boo’.
I hope that my message and my words have been of a little help to you who seek and desire the truth, and since I have said all that was needed to be said I’ll close with some advice…Sell what you can, get your gear together, and get ready to get out of the Dodge Cities…
Trust in the Word of God and obey…That’s all I have to say.


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