‘Civil disobedience’ to protect our ‘Civil Rights’ is not a crime…

Protestant Separatist News- June 12,  2013 –
Stephen Michael Schroeder
Letter from the Editor.
Isn’t it interesting that the first person from the Conservative Christian side was none other than a former United Nations Ambassador John Bolton…setting the stage for the rest of the Republicans to follow suit…calling Edward Snowden a ‘traitor’ because he broke the law…regardless of his noble intentions to inform the public of t…he reality of all their ‘conspiracy theories’ ….as if ‘civil disobedience’ is a ‘bad’ thing…as if ‘civil disobedience’ is a crime…when it’s not….’civil disobedience’ is when there is no other legal recourse to bring to light and expose the darkness of their government…that doesn’t matter, what’s important to ‘them’ is that this true American hero named Edward Snowden is a ‘traitor’ simply because he ‘broke the law’. 
The fact is Snowden could not break the law that had already been broken…for the simple fact is that when the law is broken by the government, it is no crime to break that law in order to inform the public of the crimes of those in power against the laws of ‘We the People’  The fact that they are avoiding is that their precious law that Snowden broke, had already been violated by this UN/US government.  And I always like to quote Billy Jack here when I speak this truth…”When the law breaks the law, then there is no law.” 
One of the main reason why America has become more like China and Russia than a land of the free and home of the brave is because American’s have been convinced that protest is wrong, and civil disobedience a crime…when these are the only things capable of keeping a rouge government in check.  I know that of which I speak, for I myself have been put in a cage because of my ‘civil disobedience’ at the Indiana State Capitol…make no mistake…they will make you pay a price for exposing their lawlessness. 
The main point of this letter being that former United Nations Ambassador John Bolton was the first to hitch the horses to this embarrassing ‘band wagon’ of those who call this American hero a ‘leaker’ rather than a ‘whistle blower’ who put everything he had on the line…to inform the American people of the crimes of those united in making our Constitution listing our God given rights to be replaced by the United Nations Global Peace Plan called the New World Order AKA Obama’s ‘New Beginning’ the reason why he was given that Noble Peace Prize before he even ran this race of transforming the Arab World into a Sharia Superpower…and he almost pulled it off, except the Turkish people that I knew while a USAF Security Specialist have had enough of this ‘Arab Spring’ this UN thing, and tired of being ruled by an Islamic Prime Minister that declares anyone who drinks alcohol is an alcoholic…they are tired of Islam’s claim of superiority…and all I can say to them is ‘Long Live the anti-Islam Revolution’ and to those who have jumped on UN Ambassador John Bolton’s bandwagon, calling such heroes the traitor are going to get what they deserve. 
Long live our God given Rights and Freedoms as declared in our Protestant Separatist Constitution (excluding of course the ‘changes’ made to it by Masonic plagiarist who replaced ‘The God of the Bible’ with ‘The God of Nature’=Pan) and pity the fools who think they have the possibility of taking these ‘God given Rights and Freedoms’ that we will never see again if we bow to these claims of this Pro-Islamic/Anti-Christian United Nations…it’s time for us to Declare our Independence from this so called ‘United Nations’ …
It is our duty to throw off such lawless governments…and if we don’t it will be your own fault that America ended up the way it did…and if you have a spine then stand up and speak out and most of all realize that nothing is going to change without first the public being well informed, and they realize that ‘civil disobedience’ to protect our ‘Civil Rights’ is not a crime…but a gift from God, and that we have the responsibility to protect and preserve that which He has established, and to defend that which He has blessed us with…our Liberty. SEND IT!

~ by WORDWarriorDeb on June 14, 2013.

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