This is the final battle of the will of man against the will of God at hand…

Those who stand on the side of the lawless ones and assist those who have declared war in the heavens, will be what they are and always were…traitors to the throne, for was it not written, was in not foretold…were we not instructed and warned not to assist in any way this Masonic Beast, and this False Prophet of Islam…these ‘Antichrist’ that you see with your own eyes invade your lands, and attack your faith, and desire to change your way of life, demanding that the ‘haves’ surrender land or wealth to the ‘have-nots’ in exchange for peace…according to their Islamic law, and now U.S. and U.N. mandates?  You have been forewarned, and the instructions from heaven are clear…Be ye Separate!  Come out of her my people!

It is the will of President Obama to impose Islamic law upon all of America. It is the will of the United Nations to impose Islamic law upon the entire World, to fulfill the goal of the Quran to rule the entire earth and make all occupants bow to its God that begets not-Allah AKA Pan.
This is not the will of the God of the Bible, the Living God of Israel, and our Father that we call on as Yah. The will of man is death and is in rebellion to the will of the Creator, our Abba, our Yah.
In other news…
Hey wait a minute…what happened to the reporting on the Turkish uprising against the oppression of Islamic law?  Not only is the President being silent about this historic event…now the news agencies are no longer informing the public….They covered it up till the 12th day…but on the 13th and now the 14th day…no coverage.
Obviously if the government spies on you…then ‘censorship’ is also a possibility…a reality.  It’s bad enough that they are monitoring and storing all your thoughts and speech, and assisting hostile governments to keep their people in check…even worse…they have the ability to suppress your speech…to prevent people from ever hearing what you have to say…as if you never spoke…and now we see if a World event makes Obama uncomfortable to talk about, he doesn’t, and neither does his Federal and State media outlets.
Shame on you so called ‘journalist’…shame on you in Politics…shame on you citizens who don’t know the difference between a hero or a traitor…shame on you Christians who believe it is your duty to God to obey and assist this rebellion against your God.
Stephen Michael Schroeder

~ by WORDWarriorDeb on June 15, 2013.

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