Turkey is a ‘protest about a rebellion to Obama and the United Nations attempt to make the Arab World into a Sharia Superpower…

Stephen Schroeder
Protestant Separatist News
Fox News is quickly loosing it’s integrity…by doing the same thing the other news agencies are doing…failing to know the difference between a ‘whistle blower’ or a ‘leaker’ failing to know the difference between a ‘hero’ and a ‘traitor’…by failing to properly identify the enemy, or even properly identify the story behind the news that t…hey report…such as their recent reporting on what is taking place in Turkey is a ‘protest about a proposed shopping mall’ instead of what is really happening…a rebellion to Obama and the United Nations attempt to make the Arab World into a Sharia Superpower…and protesting their God given rights and freedoms being taken from them and replaced with the bondage and oppression of Islamic law.  This type of reporting is far more dangerous than just suppression of the news, and it seems that all the media has been ‘compelled’ to follow suit. Speaking of being ‘compelled’…that is the excuse given to Congress today by the Head of the NSA…that the government did not break the 4th Amendment of the Constitution because the information obtained had been ‘voluntarily’ given to the government by Google, Facebook…and all the servers as well as the computers manufacturers…all ‘voluntarily’ submitting citizens personal information to the government who had ‘compelled’ them to do so.  So how does a free government ‘compel’ a company to risk it’s whole business in breaking a Constitutional law ‘voluntarily’?  Is it like the IRS…who compels citizens to ‘voluntarily’ pay taxes on their income…to ‘voluntarily’ agree to getting thrown in jail or losing all they have should the IRS decide to target them?  How do you ‘compel’ citizens to ‘voluntarily’ abolish Constitutional law? Surely all these businesses and Corporatations must think that what the NSA is doing is pretty important to do their dirty work for the government so that the government could claim that it didn’t do anything wrong…it’s as if Chicago Politics have become the National norm…sort of like how the mob ‘compels’ businesses to pay for protection, ‘voluntarily’…and the Godfather is never guilty of anything. However the only evidence that the NSA presented to justify such betrayal of the Americans trust and violation of the Constitution, was the ‘50’ examples of how this spying on Americans prevented terrorist attacks (originally it was over a dozen and now the claim is 50) however most of these were not threats to America but some other country…and only 4 examples were given to Congress on the effectiveness of the NSA program…yet nothing was said about the 4 examples that we know of that the NSA program did not prevent…. 1.) the Shoe Bomber, the Underware Bomber, the Fort Hood terrorist, the Benghazi attack, and the Boston Marathon Bombers…that they didn’t ‘connect the dots’ on…that all this unlawful activities of this ‘New Beginning’ for America was somehow justified because it possibly prevented 4 terrorist attempts, yet failed to prevent 5 or more terrorist attacks…that’s not even ‘fifty-fifty’…and definitely not good enough to have to secretly betray the American people and violate their Constitutional laws in order to do it. We need to ask why these businesses are so obedient to the government ‘compelling’ them to do such dirty deeds…as these.  Will the next big scandal be in the revelation of who is controlling the stock market, and thus controlling these big corporations by compelling them to do such unlawful acts as these? The protests have begun again in Turkey…being started by one man returning to the Square and standing alone…and yet don’t expect any proper coverage of what is happening…just like the ‘blackout’ that happened with the Islamic Dictator of Turkey ‘scrubbed’ the Square of protesters, just as the media has scrubbed the truth behind what is happening…they spend their time spinning Edwards Snowden’s comments about Police as if he is anti-law and order, anti-police, totally missing the point that the most requests for such information on private citizens comes from the law enforcement community.  It’s time to understand, that there are very few people who want you to know the truth, to be free from such bondage that you are currently in…being controlled and monitored as if your just the property of Uncle Sam.    Not I am.

~ by WORDWarriorDeb on June 19, 2013.

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