The final report from Michael- This North Country is under the Control of the New World Order and the Protestant Church in America is their primary target for elimination from this Nation.

Closing arguments…
The final report from Michael
This North Country is under the Control of the New World Order and the Protestant Church in America is their primary target for elimination from this Nation. The New World Order is a United Nations Global Peace Plan wherein, the ‘Haves’ surrender land or wealth to the ‘Have-nots’ in exchange for peace.
Thus it is the responsibility and duty of the ‘Have-nots’ to rise up, to demonstrate and riot in order to force the ‘Haves,’ to the bargaining table to negotiate their ‘tribute or tax’ to be surrendered, to the ‘Have-nots’ to put an end to the ‘hostilities’, the provocations and persecutions.  Basically it’s extortion, yet it is considered the United Nations Peace Plan, and here is the conspiracy fact Every President since it’s declaration at the United Nations has been working towards completion of this New World Order, that none of the Protestant Churches in America know anything about, nor perceive it’s impending DESTRUCTION, devouring of their Churches, nor do they desire to hear about this clear and present danger, and are satisfied being in bondage, do not desire their freedom, do not want to hear this truth, and are under a spell of strong delusion, that they would rather believe a lie.
This U.N. Peace Plan called the New World Order is a crime disguised as justice, to take from the ‘Haves’ and give to the ‘Have-nots.’ The origin of this extortion called the N.W.O. is actually a global criminal organization, disguised as a religion known as Islam. A ‘hostile religion’ with an Anti-Christ foundation, whose goal is to take your houses, take your lands, take your rights and freedoms, and even your faith, and subject it, into Islamic hands as your new Masters, to establish global Islamic law in this North Country, all without firing a shot.
As with all matters concerning Church and State, the Church comes first, and the same is true with the New World Order mandate to surrender wealth and land to their enemies, in exchange for peace.  In other words, the Church would be forced to maintain and support a ‘religious ministry’ against their consent, thus a violation of their State and Federal Constitutional law, and not just any religious ministry, but an establishment of religion that calls for, the pursuing and persecution of non-Muslims until they ‘submit’ to Islamic law. The Church would be forced to support and maintain a hostile organization that claims, our faith in the Only Begotten Son of God is a Capital offense worthy of death. This U.N. Peace Plan is a global conspiracy to exalt the status of Muslims and expand the boundaries of Islam, by using a criminal organization disguised as a religion, and thus the government of Washington claims that it cannot prohibit the free expression thereof, thus extortion, intimidation, retaliation, violence and terror, deception and persecution are no longer crimes, but sacred duties.
Justice and Freedom are the first victims of this deception that has invaded our Paradise. The redistribution of wealth mandated by the N.W.O began with the Church- taking from the ‘Have’ Protestants and giving it to the ‘Have-not’ Islamic minority, as if Religious Affirmative Action does not violate Constitutional laws. It does. Constitutional laws  prevent our government of, We the People from giving any preference to an establishment of religion. It’s the Constitution that prevents the coercion or extortion of citizens, to support or maintain any establishment of religion against their consent, through duress or force that which results in, spiritual rape of the conscience, contrary to all that we as Americans, hold sacred and dear.
Yet recently the Commerce Department has awarded special preference to Muslims as a minority status, thus thinking it acceptable to sidestep our Constitutional laws and allow government to lawfully continue, what it has secretly and unlawfully been doing for decades, violating our Constitution and giving preference to a so called ‘religion,’ hostile towards Christianity.
The time has come for this contest to come to a conclusion, and these are the facts facing the Church today.  All is not well, and those on the watchtower have the obligation to sound the alarm, when they see approaching danger,  just as a true shepherd has the obligation to defend the flock, and those who do not heed this warning and think they need to do nothing, but play Church and politics, on government welfare, preaching the message approved of by the State, will see soon enough the error of their ways. Hopefully they will have the time to repent. These historic events that rarely receive public notice seem insignificant alone, but when you add them all up, you can only arrive at the conclusion of conspiracy.
They have been secretly and unlawfully teaching Islamic principles in Indianapolis Public Schools for over 15 years.  ( I am a parent who protested and had his son unlawfully abducted in retaliation, and was fired for a letter to the Editor critical of same.) The Mayor of a major city publicly denies equal access to Christian commerce, claiming that Christian values are not welcome in Chicago, but Farrakhan’s Nation of Islam is welcome and on the city payroll illegally. The Indiana State Capitol bans the name of Jesus, and welcomes the name of Allah. A Baptist Church and Academy are seized by force and bulldozed by the IRS in Indiana, for violation of ‘tax laws’ -(the new mandate that takes taxes from Christian Churches and gives them to Muslims, to build Islamic mega Mosques and Islamic schools in Christian populations.) A Baptist Church in Tennessee has a huge mega Mosque built in their own backyard with the assistance of the government and with taxes unlawfully collected from Protestant churches, against their will and against the law.
Churches across America are closing and being destroyed while Islamic Mega Mosques are popping up all over, as if Islam is a legitimate religion and Allah supreme, when the fact is that, Islam is simply receiving unlawful assistance and defense from a government not allowed to do so. Once you realize that this government has submitted to Islamic law, and has embraced the United Nations New World Order, then suddenly all these terrorist events that have been successful against us was not evidence of the might of Allah, but rather of the wrongs of Washington, in violating its own laws and assisting that which the Word of God clearly instructed us, not to assist in any way. T
The Quran boasts… “How many cities have we utterly destroyed, and yet we hear not a whisper out of them.”  The Beast and False Prophet are diligently working towards diminishing and eradicating our faith in the Only Begotten Son of God, and we are instructed to be separate from such.  Do not your own laws instruct you that you have the right, yet the duty to ‘throw-off’ such lawless, godless government?  Notice it doesn’t say overthrow, but rather to, ‘throw-off’ their yoke of false authority, to separate.  And why would you want to be part of such lawlessness, or pledge your allegiance to it?  Do you not know that Washington has publicly and officially declared himself equal to God, declaring himself to be your God, the God of this Nation in which you trust, honor, and obey?  Even when he commands you to be his slave?  Even when he condemns you to death, yet you still call him your Father and your Most Worshipful Master? The spell of strong delusion is over and the jig is up.
These are the facts revealed to you and all the earth to witness.  Now you decide if all is well, and if there really is nothing to worry about, and why so many Pastors saying Lord! Lord! are going to end up in hell. I’ve done my job.  I’ve presented the challenge…”Who is like unto my God?”  The war is underway.
Obey the Word and be separate and come out of her, for her judgment has come, and the time is at hand. Once you realize the truth that your government has made a deal with the devil, has obeyed his voice and has united with your enemy and the enemies of your God, then you should not be so troubled with the choice of obeying the Word and separating yourself from these offspring of the serpent.  When your government breaks it’s own laws in order to persecute you and wage war against He, who sits on the throne, then you really don’t have a government now do you.  Think about it, but do it quick, and hopefully you’ll make the right choice. In the service of Yah, in this life and those to come, Michael.

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